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Dynamite Entertainment announced today that they have partnered with comiXology to roll out two of their titles via the Comics by comiXology iPhone app before the holidays.

Fans can look for Dynamite’s Terminator and the Army of Darkness Holiday Special now in the Comics by comiXology app! The free app is available, with over 700 comics, on Apple’s iTunes App Store.

“The world is evolving and along with it, the way we purchase and view entertainment, including comics. That’s something that we all are adapting to.  But there is a ‘wow’ part, and that is in combining the cool comics Dynamite produces with the work that comiXology is doing and usher it to the brand-new audience waiting to experience our DYNAMITE publications. While we love producing comics as monthly periodicals and collected editions, introducing new fans to comics through the iPhone and other technologies will help to complement and grow the industry.  Working with comiXology is a great way to take existing comics and bring them to a new audience, and work to bring that audience back to the comic shops.  So, while until now we’ve been hesitant to do anything that would adversely affect our comics retail partners, the additional features that comiXology adds that allows fans to find out more about the comics stores near them has made this the right time and a win-win for everyone.”

“We’re incredibly excited to expand Comics by comiXology with Dynamite Entertainment,” said David Steinberger, CEO of comiXology. “The amazing titles and work will really shine on the platform. Terminator and Ash are a great start to a full line of Dynamite titles on the iPhone.”

The Guided View feature of Comics by comiXology keeps the entire page of a comic intact, unlike other solutions where the page is cut into individual pictures the user browses like a photo application. The app’s retailer locator will enable customers to contact local retailers from within the app itself to order the print edition of Dynamite Entertainment Comics.

Fans can review the available Dynamite titles on the web beginning on the aforementioned days here:

To download Comics by comiXology from iTunes:

To get more information about Comics by comiXology:

Dynamite iPhone catalog page on comiXology:

And this is just the beginning as Dynamite closes out the year with these initial offerings and plans to release more in early 2010, stay tuned!

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  1. Great. I downloaded Comixology for my iPhone last week and despite my scepticism, it’s actually a really nice portable way to take in comics. I’ve been downloading the free files that they offer, but I’m actually considering paying for the volumes on offer. Especially successful titles that I never bought off the shelves like “The Walking Dead” and “Atomic Robo”. I think this is a really promising direction forward and kudos to Dynamite for doing this AND going global (because you can’t access Marvel titles outside of the US on Comixology which sucks balls… poor form, Marvel)


  2. i bought both iverse and comixology. with only the free stuff, you have at least 40 comics to read, with more coming out every month. worth it for an app at 0.99$

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