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This Christmas, settle down with some much-loved characters in an irresistible collection of comic favourites on your PSP.

On 17 December, Titan Publishing is releasing a selection of fantastic comic stories for PSP featuring the award-winning duo Wallace & Gromit.

Initially there will be five Wallace & Gromit downloads, each containing two great comic stories: ‘The W Files’ and ‘WANTED: Wallace & Gromit Pt.1’; ‘Parts and Labour’ and ‘WANTED: Wallace & Gromit Pt.2’; ‘Big in Japan’ and ‘Where there’s Muck there’s Brass’; ‘Road Trip’ and ‘Washday Blues’; ‘I Don’t Care What the Weatherman Says’ and ‘Dogfight’.

This is the first time that these stories have been available to download for the PSP and offer excellent value with two Wallace & Gromit for just £0.79! Plus, you can download the first comic absolutely FREE!

#1 is FREE to download and includes these two great stories:
The W Files
When strange shapes and flashing lights are seen in the night sky, there are only two paranormal investigators that can solve the problem. Sadly they aren’t available, Wallace and Gromit might as well have a crack at it. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

Wanted: Wallace and Gromit  – Pt. 1
Look out! It’s the return of Feathers McGraw, the devious Penguin from “The Wrong Trousers”! When Feathers escapes from the local zoo, he soon hunts down the duo that put him there – Wallace and Gromit!

To download a dazzling array of comic treats, just visit
Plus, there’ll be many more releases to look forward to in 2010!

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