Minimates announce Vehicles line for 2010


One of the biggest problems with any action figure toy line is the lack of other things for your figures to interact with.  Sure you may have Superman, Spider-Man, and that 12-inch Mego Fonzie that get along swimmingly with your cardboard box rendition of the Hall of Justice, but what happens when your action figures need to get from here to there?  Minimates have been one of those toy lines that have a lot of playability when it comes to replaying your favorite story lines from the comic book pages, but additional playsets and vehicles are really needed to enhance play.

Art Asylum has announced it will grant our wishes with a vehicle line debuting in the spring 2010.

The first three rides to be included in this exciting line will be Back to the Future’s post-time-travel Frozen DeLorean, Terminator 2’s devastating Battle Damaged Hunter Killer Tank and a Minimates debut – the Minimates M.A.X. Red Stealth Jet!  Fans should be familiar with those first two, while the Minimates M.A.X. (Mobile Action Xtreme) brand is new to DST and will feature an array of vehicles designed entirely by Art Asylum.

Art Asylum did explore vehicle play a few years ago with its Batman line that featured the Batwing, but the addition of more cars/tanks/trucks/suvs/jest/motorcyles is welcome news.

via Action Figure Insider