DC’s The Source blog has posted the cover to the upcoming Justice League of America #43 issue, featuring art by Mark Bagley.  While there is an interesting mirroring between the heroes of yesteryear and their counterparts today (some are exactly the same), I find the dividing art running down the middle of the page to be interesting as there looks to be some New Gods influence in the design.

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    • You’d think Donna Troy would have issue too given the fact she’s oozing black goo right now. Oh and Ollie and…oh, whatever. :)

  1. I find it kind of interesting that GA and GL are now the “old hands” as they were the ones “replaced” in past issues by Conner “Wow! We need a character with instant healing powers, too!” Hawke and Kyle Rayner. I haven’t seen if the new JLA roster will have a Flash and if it will be Barry Allen or Wally West (I’m pulling for Wally). I’m also wondering how the heck the (gosh awful) storyline of “JLA: Cry out of Frustration” and the Arsenal mini-series and Blackest Night will tie into the new Leauge. (Did I mention I HATE JLA:CFJ??? I did? OK…)

  2. Sigh… More Fourth World design elements–what I call “Baroque Brutalism.” Blech. Granting how much Kirby did for the comics industry, I wish DC would sell of the rights to the Fourth World characters so we never have to see them again. What an ugly, ugly world — displeasing to the eye at every level…..

    • I’m wondering is we are gonna be saying that a lot more about this entire book. This may have Titanic written all over it. The latest JLA Blackest Night book was the worst of the tie-in’s yet.

  3. One small request….could we stop drawing all female characters as stripper-wannabe’s ? The Wonder Woman on the ‘old JLA’ side has her classic costume, but Donna’s catsuit-bad-excuse-for-a-costume is not normally cut to the navel. I’m sure somewhere DC has a visual style guide that tells people how to draw the minutia of Batman’s utility belt, maybe it’s time they expanded that a bit.

  4. > “I’m sure somewhere DC has a visual style guide that tells people how to draw the minutia of Batman’s utility belt, maybe it’s time they expanded that a bit.”

    I’m sure DC’s guide to artists (its probably industry-wide) to drawing women’s costumes is to make the neckline as close to the navel as possible, make sure the breasts are straining to burst out of the minuscule pieces of cloth that can’t even pretend to be coverage, and make sure the trunks are cut so high that the reader has to wonder how often the heroine gets a bikini wax and whether heroines actually like baring their full buttocks to the world. UGH!!!

      • From a quick Google search of Lopresti, it seems to me that his drawings have sufficient coverage to be modest — no breasts threatening to pop out, no french-cut bikini/thong bottoms….

        I still wonder how often WW has to shave her legs and armpits….

        • I think that was oraclebop’s point – when Lopresti draws WW or Donna they still look like super-powered models fighting evil….but they’re wearing clothes that fit and look at least slightly less fetish-ish.

  5. Please, please, please bring back WW classic look full-time. I always hated the Whataburger logo on Diana’s chest post-Crisis because it made no sense. And while the stylized new WW-bird thing is OK, a classic never goes out of style.

    BTW, WTF does this cover with WW in classic Silver Age garb do to continuity, anyway?

      • I didn’t say it wasn’t explained (pilot wings, if I remember correctly?), but I still maintain it makes no sense – at least not compared to the pre-Crisis explanation which made A LOT of sense and really fit the character.

        However it was rationalized, it’s still clearly a WW – just like “The House of El” is actually a stylized S, which just happens to be the first letter in the word “Superman.”

        Bleh. I likes me my pre-Crisis explanation, and I likes me the full-on eagle bustier even more…

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