In 1920s New York City, life is hard — and then the zombies appear. Actress Brea Grant (Heroes) and her brother, Zane, weave a historical horror in We Will Bury You, debuting in February 2010. The four-issue series follows two unlikely heroines from the margins of society as they fight to survive and battle the spreading zombie infection.

“Zane and I have been working together on music or other creative endeavors for a long time,” said Brea Grant. “We have a similar sense of the world, sense of humor and work ethic, so it just really works out.”

Set during the Roaring Twenties, a time of great change for American society, We Will Bury You takes this challenging era and adds the chaos of zombies for an ingenious new horror story that offers an engaging look at the human condition.

“Besides the aesthetic of the Roaring Twenties being a great and underused environment for horror, there were a lot of big changes going on during that time period,” said Zane Grant. “The country was divided in a lot of complicated ways that are still relevant today.”

The series’ stark images are provided by artist Kyle Strahm, with covers by Ben Templesmith, Eisner-winner Nate Powell, and Trevor Hutchison.

“We wanted someone who could conceptualize both the beauty of the era and the grotesque nature of the zombies,” added Brea. “Kyle’s portfolio had these amazing, scary monsters alongside futuristic images and realistic faces. Everything he draws feels a little mystical, yet bizarre. He has no trouble showing the sickening nature of what we were visualizing.”

Issue #1 debuts in February and sets the stage for disaster, introducing the series protagonists and painting a historically accurate picture of this pivotal time.

“Brea and Zane have crafted a compelling story with a unique take on the zombie subgenre,” commented IDW editor Denton J. Tipton. “Their shared love for the comics medium really shines through, as does their understanding of dramatic storytelling, all delivered with a distinctive voice.”

We Will Bury You #1 (of 4; $3.99; 32 page) will be available in stores in February. Diamond order code DEC09 0924.

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  1. a unique take.


    this is getting old.

    and people ask me why i don’t care about zombies anymore.

    p.s. by the way, you mispelled zombie

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