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In this issue: Earth One! The Legion of Super-Heroes! Reviews! And: BRAINS! Plus: BRAINS! And stick around for, BRAINS!


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DC Comics announces Earth One
DC Comics announces Brainiac and the Legion of Super-Heroes

Best of 2009

Deadpool Team Up #899
COVER BY: Humberto Ramos
WRITER: Fred Van Lente – A
PENCILS: Dalibor Talajic
INKS: Array

Stop rubbing your eyes, fanboy, they don’t deceive you! Everyone’s favorite Merc with a Mouth stars in a third on-going series, hacking and wisecracking his way across the Marvel Universe with a new guest-star every month! First up: when master assassin ARCADE and NIGHTMARE, Lord of the Dream Dimension, join forces to destroy Wade Wilson and THE INCREDIBLE HERCULES, they get more than they bargain for, taking on two of the MU’s most irresponsible heroes! Drunken mayhem, bad jokes, and billions of dollars of property damage ensue!

Superman: World of New Krypton #10
Written by Greg Rucka and James Robinson; Art by Pete Woods; Cover by Gary Frank; Variant cover by Dustin Nguyen

New Krypton is a planet so fresh, it’s experiencing countless things for the first time. Its first spring. Its first blooms. Its first birth of a child. And now its first homicide. When an important figure in Kandor is murdered, the suspect seems obvious to everyone but Superman. But can he make Zod or the Council believe this is more than an open-and-shut case? And can he uncover the real killer in time to save the life of the accused? It’s a dark mystery, but R.E.B.E.L.S. star Adam Strange arrives in time to help find answers…even though the truth may blow apart the civilized trappings of Kandorian society in the process.

The Boys #37
Covers: Darick Robertson
Writer: Garth Ennis
Penciller/Inker: Darick Robertson
Colorist: Tony Avi?a

High in the French Pyrenees lies the little mountain village of Franglais, as quiet and peaceful a place as you could imagine… until her favorite son comes home. The Frenchman’s origin is finally revealed, in a pulse-bounding tale of seething passion, vile betrayal and classic Gallic melancholy. Who is Black Pierre? Why is the lovely Marie not there to welcome her beloved Frenchie home? And how can one croissant change everything? Find out in The Boys 37!

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Torn from the pages of Ultimate Fantastic Four! On an Earth shockingly similar to the Marvel Universe’s, an alien virus has mutated all of the world’s greatest super heroes into flesh-eating monsters! It took them only hours to destroy life as we know it – but what happens when they run out of humans to eat?! Follow their search for more food, and witness the arrival of the Silver Surfer! Collects Marvel Zombies #1-5, plus extras.

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Music from this episode comes from Armin Brewer (intro) and James Kennison (closing) from the Nobody’s Listening Podcast. A big thanks to both of these guys for creating kick-ass music for the show!

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  1. This is why I love you guys. During the music discussion I was all like:

    Man Hysteria(by Muse) would work with he Mighty and Take a Bow(by Muse) or Time is running out(by Muse) would work with everything Norman Obsborn(The Cabal etc). And then when “Bladerunner” came up I was like man a lot of Muse would go great with that…at which point I said to myself..okay what’s up with my Muse obsession…And then you guys are all like: Yeah Knight of Cydonia with Jonah Hex would be Kick-ass!

    So yeah that was awesome, unless it turns out I’m on the “Truman” show.

  2. I kind of agree with you on the Marvel Zombie issue. After the Army of the Dead cross over things did get a little to weird but did any of you guy read the last one. It really brings a real closure to the whole idea the Zombie Origins and future. In fact the way it was written reminded me of Dead days with the characterization of heroic archetypes dealing with there amoral behavior. Very good read. Would love to get you guys opinion?

  3. ninjacrocodile on

    I read Marvel Zombies 3 first, so experienced no continuity problem with the previous stories. As such, it was an OK zombie story, and a great chance to revisit the Nextwave version of Machine Man.

    Which makes me wonder, as a basic question of the importance of continuity, would you have liked MZ3 better if there were 10+ years between it and the previous stories. Marvel and DC are both in a frenzy of “callbacks” to old stories that may not be faithful to the old continuity but we generally don’t mind because the referenced stories are old enough to be “nostalgic” and we’re just happy that someone else remembers them.

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