Boom! Studios Sneak Peek: Incorruptible #1


Boom! Studios sent a sneak peek of next week’s Incorruptible #1 written by Mark Waid. If you want to see how the other half live during the reign of the Plutonian, then you’ll want to pick up this issue, or at least take the jump and see what awaits!

INCORRUPTIBLE showcases super villain Max Damage, who had an epiphany the day The Plutonian destroyed Sky City. That day, when The Plutonian turned his back on humanity, Max Damage decided to step up. Now Max Damage has changed his name to Max Daring and turned from his formerly selfish ways to become… INCORRUPTIBLE. The flip side to this year’s break-out smash hit IRREDEEMABLE, INCORRUPTIBLE examines the hard, difficult road to changing your ways and making a difference in the world.

via Boom! Studios