A few weeks ago, I sent out the call to the Legion of Major Spoilerites to send your questions about cosplay for me to answer.  I’ve been a tad busy, but finally had some time to sit down and answer your questions.

greenbass86 asks: How much does something like this normally cost you?

Victoria: It all depends on the character. Some costumes require wigs, hair extensions, accessories or specific footwear.  A costume like Supergirl for example, cost roughly $170 whereas Calie Liddle was only $60.

MechanisticMoth asks: What’s the next costume that’s currently in the works or that you want to try out sometime in the future?
Victoria: I am currently working on Zatanna which should be completed sometime in January. I’m very excited!

Mechanistic: If given the opportunity to make your own super hero costume, what would it look like? What would be your name? Powers?

Victoria: Funny enough, I’ve never really thought about designing my own costume. It’s hard enough cosplaying in tight revealing clothes and high heels; I can’t imagine what it would be like to fight crime like that! *laughs*

Although pink is my favorite color, I don’t think I would be taken seriously and would probably end up looking like a flamingo threw up on me. I would stick with basic black. A top that’s form fitting made out of soft material that’s low cut with long sleeves would be comfy and sexy. Black shorts would be cool and maybe throw in some fishnet stockings.  A long black trench coat would be a nice addition and I would wear my hair in a high ponytail with red lipstick. No high heels! Flat heeled boots are the way to go.  I would have the power of Telekinesis which I always found to be fastinating and one of the most useful superpowers. As for a code name, I can’t think of anything. If anyone else does, feel free to drop me a line!

OS Perry asks: Have you ever done the Steampunk look?
Victoria: I haven’t but it’s something I would love to try! It’s so creative and artistic and I would love to bring my cosplay to that level!

OS Perry: Any costume requests that you’ve refused to do?

Victoria: I don’t cosplay characters I’m no familiar with. I get a little annoyed when people bug me about Anime characters in particular. I’ve only watched one anime series in my life and that was Full Metal Alchemist. I’ve seen a few of Hayao Miyazaki films and they were really good but I am not an anime fan and never claimed to be one. Also when people ask about video game characters from games I’ve never played. I have several online profiles, all of my likes and dislike are listed and when someone brings something up that I clearly have no interest in, it’s really annoying.

I appreciate when people suggest characters but it’s for feedback purposes only. I cosplay only for myself. This is a form of self expression and is a creative outlet for me.

OS Perry: What are some of your favorite materials to use for your costumes?

Victoria: I don’t make my own costumes from scratch so I can’t answer that. I can tell you what my favorite accessories are; my Catwoman whip and the guns I use for Lara Croft.

OS Perry: Do you have a favorite… do you go back and revisit costumes, and wear them on multiple occasions? What is your favorite go to costume?

Victoria: Every time someone asks me what my favorite costume is, my answer changes! It’s hard for me to select just one because I’m very passionate about each character I’ve portrayed. Currently my favorite it Lara Croft but I’m sure by next week I’ll have a different answer *laughs*.

As for wearing one particular costume to events, it all depends on what the occasion calls for. If it’s a video game convention then it’s naturally Lara Croft. For comic shows I have a larger variety; Catwoman, Supergirl, Calie Liddle and even Slave Princess Leia. I can’t really think of a place where I can wear Hermione Granger or Belle although I attended one anime convention as Belle years ago.

My favorite “go to” costume would be Supergirl. It’s a mainstream character that’s always popular with fans and I can get ready pretty fast in that one.

OS Perry: What costume do you think you look most like your comic character counterpart?

Victoria: Probably Lara Croft. Even when I’m out of costume people tell me I look like Lara or compare me to Angelina Jolie.

OS Perry: What costume/character gets the most attention?

Victoria: I think Supergirl gets the most attention. I’ve been told by several people online that I am “known as Supergirl” and it seems to be the fan favorite. The costume was also a big hit at this year’s Baltimore Comic-Con. I was talking to dozens of fans who not only wanted photos but complimented the costumes and asked questions about it.

OS Perry: What do other women think of your hobby?

Victoria: I’ve apparently inspired other women to get into the hobby of cosplay but strangely enough, it’s woman who profess their hate for me. Talk about weird!

paulv70 asks: What was the first costume you ever did?
Victoria: My first costume was Aerith Gainsborough from the video game Final Fantasy VII.

Paul70: Do you have a favorite story about being in costume?

Victoria: This past year I appeared on local television as Supergirl to promote Free Comic Book day. I was with a Spider-Man cosplayer and two Storm Troopers. It was exciting and cool to be on tv!

Paul70: Given infinite resources (time, money, materials, etc.), what would be your dream costume?

Victoria: One character I’ve been wanting to do is Huntress! I feel she’s one of the most bad-ass characters in comics and have loved her for years. Her costume is very complicated and I have yet to attempt to put it together. I know it’s going to take a lot of money and most likely, I may have to get some things costume made. It’s a dream costume that I would love to make a reality.

Martin asks: Have you ever collaborated with anyone? If not, how come? Or is it just done better solo?
Victoria: Sadly, I’ve never really done a photo shoot with another cosplayer aside from pictures taken at conventions. My boyfriend dressed as Conner Kent/Superboy for this years Baltimore show and we took pictures before hand but he’s not really a cosplayer. Also my schedule is very busy at the moment being a full time teacher, part time college student, contributor for Major Spoilers and photo shoots. One of these days I’ll have to free up some time and arrange a shoot with one of my cosplay friends! I have two people in mind I would love to collaborate with!

Thank you all for your fantastic questions and be on the look out for my Zatanna cosplay in the New Year! Happy Holidays!


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  1. Your response to the question about making your own character describes a costume that may be somewhat similar to Black Canary. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you portray her. That may be a fun character to try that take minimal expense.

    Thanks for all of the great answers and pictures, Victoria!

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