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  1. From the neck up she looks so sweet and innocent. Absolutely adorable.

    From the neck down, soft porn city.

    I like her face.


  2. it made sense for her to be half-naked back when she was part of a victorian S&M themed villain group. Also Beast’s costume used to be speedos/spectacles and nightcrawler used to have the same costume as vampirella.

  3. That’s a lovely, mostly naked, pin-up girl.

    That’s not Emma Frost though. She looks far too sweet, young, and innocent.

    Emma Frost, while possessed of a beautiful face and body, is much more predatory.

  4. You know I dont collect X-Men anymore, but this is ridiculous. First of all this is almost child porn. Emma is not that young in the face. Is this an outfit she wears for Scott in the bedroom? How does the top stay on? Double sided tape? How does it move? Are those buttons holding it on or bolts? This out fit makes no sense. Maybe this is the japanese version of Emma. I guess I am just not familiar with this artist. It is good art. Very clean and polished so I give the artist his props, but I hope it is not in the books this way. Now a magazine format with a mature rating is a different story. Marvel should do a sexy pin up magazine of its female characters in some way like this. I bet it would sell like hot cakes. Where is someone doing a cos play of Emma?

  5. It’s just a drawing. it is not real. Relax. Its not Fashle’s ‘Bad Boy’ but art is intended to invoke emotions in the viewer, even negative emotions. Perosonally I appreaciate its use of line, color and dynamic pose. You should not feel dirty as the image has on -more- clothing than you would see women (even young women) wearing on the beach. Frankly if Emma didnt wear something revealing you would only remember her as ‘The kranky mutant Mrs. Fantastic’.

  6. I do like the artistic aspects of it. The varying line weight, evident on her neck and shoulder, provides a feeling of depth to the body.

    Her face is incredibly engaging. Her features and the innocent aspect to her expression is masterful.

    But, as DragonQueen said, that doesn’t accurately depict Emma Frost. She is many things but innocent is not one of them.

    It is a good picture but one that would not be recognizable as Emma without the costume. I think a character should be recognizable by more than what they are wearing.

    I could transplant this girl’s head onto a 10 year old’s body and you couldn’t tell the difference. The disparity between the face and body/clothing is the thing that seems to be a sticking point, perhaps rightfully so.

  7. Nice art, however, she has that same vacant look I have seen on strippers at 2 a.m. I understand Emmas costume dates back to the Hellfire club but arent pasties and a g-string about the LAST thing you want to wear into a brawl, with naked being THE last thing youd wear.
    AND WHILE I’M ON THE SUBJECT- I’ve always wondered, how do you work around someone who has such powerful mental abilities, dressed in less than a bra and panties and NOT GET YOUR FACE SLAPPED EVERY 2 MINUTES. I’m mean, I couldn’t control MY wandering thoughts, geez, she’d give me a telepathic lobotomy in about 10 seconds.

    • I am certain Emma is perfectly aware of the reaction she gets, regardless of how she is dressed. I think knowing such a thing likely plays to her arrogance and sense of pride.

      She knows she is illiciting a powerful reaction in men and can play that to her advantage. She knows she gets an adverse reaction from women and is likely amused that she can so easily push their buttons in a way they can do nothing about.

      Telepaths are as powerful as mortals get and Emma knows it. She uses every asset at her disposal, mostly just because she can.

      And the woman’s expression may be a bit vapid but could also be perceived as simply innocent. Emma is neither of those things and, thus, my problem with the respresentation.

      But, as far as her face goes for its own sake, she has the kind of face I would instantly fall in love with.

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