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  1. I’ve done all of these at one point. The majority of my books are just in boxes now. I know that reduces their value, but I buy comics to read, not for future investments, and a vast majority of them are from bin diving anyway.

    That being said, when I buy my new comics now, I tend to get them with a bag and board, because they stay in better shape, but I still voted boes. I hope I don’t get some sort of comic STD from not using “protection”.

  2. I’ve bagged and boarded some of my older 60’s/70’s stuff and my autographed books, but the 15 long boxes that hold most of my collection are all simply bagged. Not sure where I fall in the poll.

  3. My new comics stay in the brown paper sack (shoutout to The Gatekeeper) until I get around to bagging and boarding them and then into boxes. My TPBs are on display on a bookshelf.

  4. I bag and bored all of my issues of Elementals, but the rest is just bagged and in a box. TPBs are all just up on a shelf.

  5. Sorry for all the comments but this poll got me thinking:

    Why don’t libraries bag their books and periodicals and otherwise concerned/obsessed? with preserving paper. They are supposed to be in the business of archiving right?

  6. i stopped bagging them a few months bag. too much hassle. bagging makes me afraid to touch them for fear of ripping them. takes away the joy of reading the comic. lets face it, 99.999999% of those comics won’t be worth more than they are today.

    TPB, same. a friend of mine bag them (no board).

    i take extra care of my absolute and other collector edition, while keeping in mind that they won’t rise in value over time. i do pay 100$ for the damned book.

  7. Bags only. Then (eventually) into a box. Although I do keep telling myself that I am going to stop buying bags. That usually lasts until the current supply is about to run out.

  8. The truth is that I have every intention to bag, board, and box every comic I buy and catalog each one by title. The reality is that they end up becoming big piles on the dining room table until my wife gives me a look and then that’s my cue to take them down to the basement and leave them in stacks. How do you find the time to sort and bag comics you’ve been collecting mutiple titles non-stop since age 16. I’m almost 35 so I’d put my actual inventory around 15, 000 or so…..

  9. Used to bag them when i was younger – until I realized they weren’t really gonna be worth anything in the future – Also I ran out of space had to start ‘archiving’ (i.e. dumping them in a big box in the garage)… Due to the space issues, i’d have to say my preferred method of storage is now: Download to iTunes/iPod

  10. I buy the issues i want to read and bag and board them after they’re read. Then i decide if i liked it enough to get it collected. If it was a crapy issue then i trash it or give it away. If it was just meh, i might keep it but probably not. If i like it then I’ll trash/give it away and get the trade. If it’s a one shot that’s not collected then i’ll keep it as is.

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