Skrull Bryan had to call me over the weekend to tell me how big of a nerd his wife is about the Twilight movie. She and her girl friends queued up early in the evening to catch the mid-night showing.  I remember the huge lines of people (mostly women and their daughters) lining up for the Twilight panels at the San Diego Comic-Con, which upset quite a few people.

There are few movies that have created throngs of movie nerds, and unfortunately many of those nerds some of them are quite annoying.  Which brings us to the Major Spoilers Poll of the Week!

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  1. At first I wasn’t going to vote in this poll. I have to wonder if singling out one group of nerds make the group I am in more nerdy as a whole, but then I read more about Twilight fans and voted for them, even though I have never encountered them personally.

  2. The Twilligters…I respect that they like something I cannot comprehend, I really do (And i have tried unlike most..But it really is bad) Also they seriously squeeeel…Not their fault a majority of them ARE teen girls. Another thing altogether is the fact that they are ruining vampires, a respected cultural/pop-cultural icon. And who will make another another Buffy or write another Dracula when Twillight just raped Batman at the box office…why, WHY!

  3. The options in this poll are pretty funny. Without voting I knew what the results were going to look like. With all due respect to everyone who’s not, but I’m sure the majority of Major Spoilers fans are at least partly in the Trekkie or Star Wars camp (I’m in both). And well, Harry Potter has run its course.

    All that said, Twilighters are the most annoying people on the planet. If I wanted cheesy love stories where everyone is denied and terribly underfunded special effects, I believe Smallville is still going strong. As lifeisaglitch said “And who will make another another Buffy or write another Dracula when Twillight just raped Batman at the box office…why, WHY!” It’s the same way you explain the success at Titanic…when Hollywood turns out something that appeals to women, there’s no logical explaination. Maybe it’s as Jack Nicholson says in As Good As It Gets (on how he comes up with such perfect women)”I think of a man and take away reason and accountability.”

  4. This has to be the most bias poll in the history of Major Spoilers. Did you really expect Twilight to get off the hook? ;)

    That said, I voted for Twilight. These girls aren’t going to see Twilight because they like vampires; they’re going to look at pretty boys shine without their shirts on. And they could have had that without f’-ing up vampire lore. The vampire doesn’t need shiny sh*t to be suave, he just is. The only good thing about twilight is that guy geek don’t have to take abuse from females about their hobbies having “unrealistic” portrayals of women. From now on we can point at Twilight and say: “WHO has problem with unrealistic portrayals?”

      • You see, I was going to vote for Star Wars, but the real whiny-ness in that is from certain characters wanting to pick up power converters or something. The fans “whining” about Lucas being the kid that’s all like: “Well if you don’t like the way I’m doing things, I’ll take my ball and go home!” Is pretty justified in my opinion, and I’m not even a big Star Wars guy.

    • To clarify, I think all of the above listed properties have a sub-section of annoying fans. Whether it’s the woman who dressed up in a Starfleet uniform for jury duty, the midnight release parties or people waiting in line for nearly a week to get tickets, each of the fanbases has that eye rolling group of people highlighted or mocked by the mainstream media.

      About six months ago, it was Star Trek fans boycotting the new film because it didn’t have the original crew. Right now, it’s the Twilight crowd–it’s probably a little more intense because that fanbase doesn’t exactly conform to the media template of the rabid fanbase. Some time in the future, the cycle will return to the Star Wars fan, when Lucas releases Star Wars episode 7: The Dash for Cash.

      • Agreed, but… I believe that if you take a sample of each franchise’s uber-nerd fanbase at the peak geek-time (i.e. new movie release) and measure them accordingly, Twilighters will still prevail as the leader. This could be attributed to the fanbase and film subject matter in general.

        I mean, you could be a slobbering Trekkie fanboys or undying Potterites or extreme Warsians, and you’d still never match the sheer “geek freak-out” factor of a bunch of pre-teen girls going bat-poop crazy over “pretty guys without t-shirts on.”

        • I’ll believe it when Twilighters replace Trekkies as the catch phrase for annoying fanboys.

          However, it did just dawn on me where you can find the most annoying group of fans…any NFL stadium during football season. I think they could put any group of fanboys to shame for sheer geek freakout factor.

  5. I just hope those who voted for Twilight’s emo vampire have actually seen the movie or read the books, I almost voted for him but realised I have no actual reason to hate the guy, since I know absolutely nothing about him. The over exposure is a pain, but not to the point to have a baseless hate for the guy.

    Harry on the other hand is like 25 and still in high school.

  6. I’ll repeat what I called in about to the Hotline – Twilight is easily the most annoying fandom because they seem to genuinely think it’s a documentary and that bishounen vampire guys are real. And these are adults I’m talking about, not the expected teenybopper market. I don’t get this from the other three. It’s very weird and creepy.

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