Victoria is quite the busy lady these days.  When she’s not running around convention centers dressed up as her favorite superhero, she making web cam appearances on radio shows, going to college, and working.  Even with her super busy schedule, she still manages to find time for Major Spoilers and the Legion of Major Spoilerites.

The first Ask Victoria segment was a big success, and it’s time for another round.  Here’s your chance to ask or resident Cosplay Girl a bunch of questions related the cosplay hobby, here interest in comics, and more.

Use the comment section below to post your questions, then Victoria will round up the best and answer them on the site.

Get to it Spoilerites, and please, keep it clean…


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  1. What’s the next costume that’s currently in the works or that you want to try out sometime in the future?

    If given the opportunity to make your own super hero costume, what would it look like? What would be your name? Powers?

  2. Have you ever done the Steampunk look?

    Any costume requests that you’ve refused to do?

    What are some of your favorite materials to use for your costumes?

    Do you have a favorite… do you go back and revisit costumes, and wear them on multiple occasions? What is your favorite go to costume?

    What costume do you think you look most like your comic character counterpart?

    What costume/character gets the most attention?

    What do other women think of your hobby?

  3. What was the first costume you ever did?

    Do you have a favorite story about being in costume?

    Given infinite resources (time, money, materials, etc.), what would be your dream costume?

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