The CW is joining the two part Justice Society episode into one long two hour movie called Smallville: Absolute Justice. There’s no word if the episode will sell in a hardcover slipcase with a $75 price tag, but it will feature a feathered Hawkman winging around.

Penned by comic book hero Geoff Johns, “Society” marks the arrival of Justice Society members Hawkman, Doctor Fate, and Stargirl.

To accommodate the movie, Smallville: Absolute Justice has been moved from January 29 to February 5, 2010.

via Entertainment Weekly


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  1. I wish TV Guide had released an image of the other JSA members, because that Hawkman costume really reminds me of the Hawkman Baby Ruth commerical or the charater’s appearance in the Legends of the Superheroes specials back in the 70s.

    I guess the proof is going to be in the quality of Hawkman’s flight special effects.

  2. They never seem to realize that the wings, if they are going to be done, need to be much larger to look correct.

    Sorry, that image just has my flashing back to the hawkmen in FLASH!…….AAAAAHHHHHHHAAAaaaaaa!

  3. Stacy – I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw that photo. And of course the Flash Gordon soundtrack started reverberating around in my head lol.

    • Your right! It does look like an old guy!

      Instead of being able to fly using Nth Metal, he gets his powers of crankyness from Nth Metamucil!

      In crankey old man voice….
      “Dammit Clark, I remember when it was okay to wear your underwear on the outside! Where’s my muffin! JAY!”

  4. Wow… just wow… I mean, are they seriously going to go with that costume? did everyone think this was a great idea? When will they learn?

  5. Way to go, Hollywood! You take a character that’s supposed to be the brawniest guy with the biggest guns in DC and make him look like a Family Guy bit. Nice…

  6. I assumed that photo wasn’t a still from the set but was a model–it looks like a doll to me (the hands don’t seem to truly be gripping either the handrail or the mace, and his feet are positioned oddly as well–are they touching the floor or just floating in midair?), and the rest of the set looks like a scale-model as well.

    The actor has been talking in interviews about how much time he’s spending working on the logistics of the wings, since he knows that will be the most important part of making the character work. So I hope the photo is just a model.

  7. Dammit, I was excited when Michael Shanks was announced as Hawkman, given that Hawks is forever shirtless and dreamy. But of course they had to dress him up like some convention nerd. Sad.

  8. Smallville feels like a high school play with juvenile cosplayers funded by a billion dollar company (Warner Bros). You can say its third tier broadcast TV crap and how it gets renewed every year is a miracle. It has outlasted some of the greatest TV series in the history of the world: Star Trek: TNG, Farscape, DS9, and Seinfeld. To name a few.

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