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IDW Publishing today announced the launch of its new digital storefronts, available exclusively through the Apple App Store. This free application hosts every IDW comic currently available on the iPhone and iPod Touch, all in one convenient app. IDW Comics offers viewers a great way to enjoy their comics, with new full page and panel-by-panel options, plus familiar display and download functions. The IDW Comics app features ten free comics, currently boasts over 200 comics, and will be updated regularly with new releases.

In addition to the overall IDW Comics storefront, fans can also download specialized storefronts collecting their favorite IDW TRANSFORMERS, Star Trek, and G.I. JOE comics. Each free specialty storefront offers the same features as the IDW Comics store, plus more free comics.

“We’ve spent the past several months building and refining these apps and creating a large catalog that includes both classic series and fresh stories,” said IDW ePublishing Director, Jeff Webber. “IDW has one of the most diverse collections in comics, and it now fits in your pocket!”

TheIDW Comics and specialty storefronts are the latest advancement from IDW’s partnership with iVerse Comics. Together, IDW and iVerse are creating the best and most popular iPhone comic apps in the App Store. “We looked closely at potential development partners, and selected iVerse to power our storefront app,” Webber said. “Their technology provides the best of all worlds – full page views as well as custom-crafted panel-by-panel reading – the easiest and most satisfying reading experience for the small screen. IDW is committed to bringing the finest comic reading experience to our readers, and iVerse is helping us do that.”

IDW Comics is now available on the Apple App Store.

TRANSFORMERS Comics is now available on the Apple App Store.

Star Trek Comics is now available on the Apple App Store.

G.I. JOE Comics is now available on the Apple App Store.


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  1. I’d like to see these programs take the content I have already bought and add those into these apps. For IDW I already own several comic apps from them, and I would love it if I could import those titles into this app to free up screenspace.

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