Marvel or DC? Coke or Pepsi? ABC or CBS? Taste Great, or Less Filling?  This week’s Major Spoilers Poll of the Week wants to know if you are a die hard Star Trek or a die hard Star Wars fan?

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UPDATE:  Looking at the poll right now, it doesn’t look like the results are going to turn out like the hidden Easter Egg found in today’s release of Star Trek on DVD. (HINT: Click the image for the full view)


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  1. Star Wars. The longest I ever watched of Star Trek was 6 minutes and even that was tough to do. Have to go with Star Wars even though episodes 1 & 2 exist.

  2. I sit back and laugh at both die hard fans. I like both but I am far from die hard. I haven’t seen Episodes 2 or 3 in the Star Wars series and I haven’t seen most of the movies when it comes to Star Trek. So, I choose neither.

  3. Oh, God, it’s like Sophie’s choice….

    How could you ask me to choose, you bastards!

    10-15 years ago, it would have been Star Wars, no question, but the magic of that franchise has faded, alas. Plus, the new Trek movie, the (recently re-watched) whole run of DS9 and the newly remastered Classic Trek series have all made me fall in love with Trek again.

  4. This is a rough question, I greatly prefer the storyline and mythos of the Star Wars universe; but you can’t beat the characters and overall universal dynamic from star trek. I went with Trek though just because I’ve been able to spend countless hours sitting with my wife and watching the entire Trek anthology in order… while I’ve seen most of the content, she never has, and seeing her fall in love with the characters and story has been wonderful. We’re currently on Season 5 of DS9, so there’s still a lot left to enjoy as well.

    Yeah so to sum up:

    Star Wars -> great few hours watching the movies
    Star Trek -> great life long journey with the characters

  5. always hated star trek (loved the last movie though)

    i refuse to accept the existence of the 3 prequels as part of the official mythology, so the franchise is not tainted for me.

    loved the books, the comics, the tv series (clone wars) and of course the movies.

    and my answer would be C) too :o)

  6. Star Trek, even with Voyager and Enterprise (don’t hate it not my thing), but Star Trek VI was the first film I ever saw in theaters.

    I have been and shall always be your friend.

  7. I enjoy both, but I had to vote Star Wars.

    Both series have good and bad movies. Both series have a plethora of expanded universe works outside of the movies. Both series have been comics, toys and even cartoons. But, IMHO, Star Wars has the better toys and collectibles!

    The 4 Master Replica lightsabers that hang from the wall of my Sanctum Sanctorum trump the lone Classic Trek Phaser sitting on my bookshelf! Also, I got more a body to be covered up by a Jedi robe than a tight red shirt! LOL

    That said, the new Star Trek movie completly ruled over all three prequal Star Wars movies.

  8. its a tough choice..
    original Star wars is awesome, but prequel star wars is crap (except for the clone wars cartoon!)..
    Similarly, DS9 is one of the best shows out there, but Voyager was mind numbingly dull..
    It all depends which era your looking at…

    the proposed option c) of Dr Who is a good choice, but that has a similar problem – the new Russell T Davis episodes (Ecclestone/Tennant) suffer from absolutely atrocious writing, yet the old school (Pertwee/Baker/Davison) era is truly classic sci-fi…

    In conclusion, I guess i’ll have to say option d) Babylon 5! – Not as good as either at their peak, but consistently better than both at their worst.. if you know what i mean!?

  9. I love both for their moments of greatness (SW:Episodes IV and V and ST: TOS, DS9 and numerous movies), and hate both for their massive failures (SW eps I-III, ST: Voyager, Enterprise and numerous movies). I had to go with Star Wars because without that movie, I might have never been taken down the sci-fi/fantasy/comic bookey path, plus Star Trek didn’t have Han and Chewie.

  10. This is like Sophie’s Choice for me, too, because I was raised with both of them. Mom’s the Star Wars nut, and Dad’s the Trekkie. But if I had to choose one, I’d honestly have to go with Star Wars, for the shallow reason that the aliens in their universe always looked cooler to me.

  11. Did I ever recount my Bill Shatner story? oh I did? Star Wars because of Bill Shatner’s dismissal of me, thus tainting me against Trek for evermore….until I saw the new trek movie – no Bill Shatner you see, so put me down for one of each.

  12. I was 12 when Star Wars came out in ’77. It was all I could think about for the next year. I read the novelization, had the comic adaptation (Hey, there’s Biggs!) and one fateful Friday night, my sister and I watched the Star Wars Holiday Special! On the air! Even that didn’t quell my enthusiasm.

    However, I grew up watching Trek reruns Saturday mornings on CBC, after having read some of the Gold Key comics and James Blish adaptation anthologies. I was 17 when The Wrath of Khan came out and it rekindled my inner trekker. After that I gobbled up all Trek produced until a couple of seasons into Voyager when the TNG formula was definitely stale. I got excited about Enterprise when it was announced, but it was the blandest series yet. The less said about the last two TNG movies the better.

    The new Trek movie has at least brought fun into the franchise although I do have issues with it, (the biggest being Kirk’s promotion from cadet to Captain of the flagship. Seasoning? Experience? Anyone?). I digress, but I can only say that when I reach for a comfort DVD, I will put an original series episode or Khan on before any Star Wars movie. And I love Star Wars.

    Sorry for the ramble, first post and all that. Long tome reader, yada yada yada.

    You can call me, the Zamboneer!

  13. Crappy reboot from Orci/Kurtzman (who helped destroy Transformers thankyouverymuch), makes me a Star Wars fan by default. Bring on the live action show in 12!

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