Zenescope Entertainment has been publishing some of the more popular and best-selling independent titles over the past few years.  The Grimm Fairy Tales universe in particular has caught the comic world by storm with not only the flagship title but its spin-off titles such as Return To Wonderland, Beyond Wonderland and The Piper.   And now the publisher is releasing its newest Grimm Fairy Tales mini-series entitled NEVERLAND. The story reinvents the Peter Pan mythology as fantasy, horror and action.  It’s a merging of genres that Zenescope has done extremely well since its inception in 2005.  This version of Neverland follows main characters Cross and Wendy as they journey into the mystical realm in order to save Wendy’s nephews from the evil and demonic being known only as Pan.

And to help promote this new launch, Zenescope has decided to extend to retailers some good faith and is offering ALL retail stores who order NEVERLAND #0 and NEVERLAND #1 a guaranteed refund on any undamaged and unsold issues.  Neverland #0 and Neverland #1 will be returnable directly to Zenescope for credit toward future purchases.  All retailers will need to do is send their unsold copies (in good condition) back to Zenescope directly and they will receive full credit toward future purchases of any other Zenescope products or books.  Contact David Franchini at DaveF@zenescope.com for details.
“Shop owners can never be 100% certain what’s going to sell when ordering any new title so with this plan in place it gives them a chance to test a series out at a much lower risk.” said Zenescope VP and Editor-in-Chief Ralph Tedesco “In our opinion it’s simply a great way for more retailers to jump on board with us and see that our titles will sell well in their stores.”

For NEVERLAND #0 featuring wraparound cover art by EBAS (witchblade) Use Diamond order code: OCT091178
For NEVERLAND #1 featuring cover art by David Finch (Ultimatum) and Nei Ruffino (Batman Blackest Night, Escape From Wonderland) Use Diamond order code: NOV091002 OR for alternate cover by Franchesco (Green Lantern Corps) use Diamond code NOV091003.

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