Having taken revenge for the death of a friend, Edward Tech has set himself firmly on the path to becoming the legend known as Blackbeard. But will he make it out of merry old Boston alive? Just maybe, with the help a mysterious stranger…


Pressed into virtual slavery on a merchant vessel as a child, Edward Tech has grown up on the sea. After saving the life of one of his fellow sailors, he is called before his cruel “master”, Captain Roberts. After Roberts has his friend flogged for another’s mistake and kills him, Tech takes bloody revenge. Entering the Captain’s cabin, he tells him that “Freedom can’t be earned…It must be taken.” He then proceeds to cave Robert’s skull in with a heavy chain, repeatedly. With this act, Tech truly takes his first steps toward becoming the Blackbeard of legend. Thus ends the first issue.

The second issue of our sea faring extravaganza begins as the crew burst into the Captain’s quarters to find Tech standing over Robert’s body holding the bloody chain. As the crew attempts to stop Tech, he makes a daring escape, jumping through windows of the Captain’s quarters and diving into the sea. The port militia is quickly assembled, and the Tech takes refuge hiding in the streets of old Boston. Wanted for the murder of his Captain, as well as mutiny, he will hang if they capture him. Besides the local militia, a man named Captain Benjamin Hornigold is stalking the streets of the city with his men. Their mission is unclear at first, but they play a major part in the conclusion of the issue. Taking refuge in a brothel, Tech finds out that just because he is a paying customer does not mean he won’t be turned over. As his captors close in, his life takes another turn, a turn that will lead him back to the sea.

As with the first issue, filmmakers Gregg Hale (The Blair Witch Project) and Eduardo Sanchez (The Blair Witch, Altered) provide the story, and comic writer Robert Place Napton (The Dark Wraith of Shannara) and screenwriter Jamie Nash (Altered) have been providing the scripts for this nautical extravaganza. I’m still amazed that, even with so many contributors, we still get a story that is coherent and smooth as this one. They have developed a fictionalized version of Blackbeard’s possible origins, and have incorporated the major beats that are historically accurate. You feel as if they have done their research, and the liberties taken are there to help the story, and you don’t really notice them. It is interesting to look up various names and find their historic history and connections to Edward Tech. You can also find out some possible additional spoilers that way.

All in all, Blackbeard, Legend of the Pyrate King is still roaring along, although this issue was a little slower than the last. Not by much though, as this was a good issue with chases, slashed throats and sex. Speaking of with, this isn’t your Pirates of the Caribbean style of pirate, this is much more rated R. Keep it out of the hands of the kiddies unless you want to explain why the nice lady was taking her clothes off for the bearded man.

A high quality adventure that I look forward to each month, 4 out of 5 stars!



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