First Wave sketchbook has me even more excited for Doc Savage action


The Batman/Doc Savage Special arrives from DC Comics this week, but I really can’t wait to see what DC has planned for Doc and his crew. The issue includes a sketchbook from the upcoming First Wave series, and while I like Phil Noto’s work, I really want to see more of Brian Azzarello’s take on the characters.


Back in the day, James Bama was the man when it came to Doc, but it was always so hard to really get a close look at Monk, Ham, Long Tom, Renny, and Johnny.  Thanks to this peek from The Source, we now know what we can expect to see down the road.  Oddly, if one looks long enough, the Fabulous Five start to look like Wolverine, Tony Stark, Hulk, Phil Sheldon, and my 12th grade science professor.