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    • Wasn’t it revealed that Mephisto had been playing Osborne all along?

      Im going with Scarlett Witch (The fake one) considering shes Loki and therefore both a member of “The Caba..luminaughty) and an Asgardian.

      Lower left corner…SIEGE: The Cabal.

    • I hope to God that’s not the case because I am getting sick of Norman being blamed for so many of the bad things in Peter’s life already. It seems that whenever some major mess has to happen in Spiderman’s life Norman is somehow responsible for it, regardless of whether or not it makes sense.

  1. wasn’t Molecule man schitzophrenic or something like that?… to the wiki…
    Molecule man Vs. Sentry the battle of the unbalance minds

    • Actually i do believe photoshop is his not-so-secret weapon… Same goes for his hair and the Sentry…Manipulation and intimidation. His secret weapon would be more subtle.. something like evil underwear. Underwear so evil it will scorch your junk laugh…LAUGH I SAY!

  2. theSuperAlbino on

    I’m hoping it’s Mephisto, just because I really want a better explanation of OMD. But my guess is the Beyonder, Bendis went through the process of horribly retconning him in the Illuminati mini, only to never use him again.

    • Looks like they used the stock image from Dark Avengers/X-men Utopia where Norman is throwing an X-men logo. They appear to have made the logo yellow for some reason.

      • ‘Scuz he’s callin’ those X-mens chicken. They’re all a buncha no-good, yeller-bellied, lily-livered cowards …

        Or, you know, it could just be Photoshopped art because Marvel is lazy.

  3. No normans secret weapon is alvin and the chipmunks, with their deadly squeaky singing. shame the silver surfers not in this, would be good to see him kick sentrys ass.

  4. I gotta say that I think it’s Wanda. But not ACTUALLY Wanda, like something she made. I don’t know.

    But it would make sense it being her seeing as Bendis kicked off his little circus with her ending the super-lemmings (otherwise known as Avengers). :P

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