Critical Hit: A Major Spoilers D and D podcast

This issue: Dungeon Master Rodrigo turns the tables on the players as listeners meet a new set of adventurers and discover how the other half live.


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  1. Love the podcast, havent yet had a chance to download and listen to the latest one though.

    I had a thought for Matthew and Rodrigo as you level up, however:

    Matthew should pick up the “Initiate of the Faith” feat for Tork, and become a multiclassed fighter / Cleric of either Avandra or Kord.

    (1) It would take some of the healing load off Randis with his two Infusions per encounter.

    (2) It would address Matthew’s complaint about how his character’s combat turns lack options and “magicky magic”.

    (3) He’s bound to have plenty of opportunities for ordination during one of his chats with his dead Aunt Beverly in-between defibrillations.

  2. maybe, although with all the priests gone there’s no way to really ordain him.

    also, it’s always confusing to look at the miniatures, because all the pictures are taking from the opposite end of where I was sitting.

    • Well, given that he’s kicking around in the afterlife talking with the Righteous Dead twice per episode, there’s probably at least one or two beings in the higher planes qualified to perform the ritual on Tork. Pretty soon Tork’s gonna have his own personal Valkyrie, and she’s going to be expecting tips.

  3. Cool show as always, loved the Serenity quote. Someone needs new dices by the way, I’m not saying who, but he should be able recognise himself.

  4. Just finished listening to the podcast and I was wondering where the actual battle is taking place. I know that the group all met up and then the fighting ensued after their conversation. Are they battling in the main room or is this inside the keep?

    Also you all might want to consider using some home made battlemats that are reusable. I just recently made my own using “Ghosted” posterboard from Hobby Lobby. I just used a straight edge to draw my own lines, then took it to The UPS store and had it laminated. Cost about $4 bucks total for 2 11″ by 17″ sheets and they work really well.

  5. dear spoilers
    I have been listening to your podcasts a lot and i was wondering if you would by chance go into depth with skills and 2nd handbook classes I am thinking about getting it and i dont know if it is worth it? and where did rodrigo get his battlemat!

  6. Love the Podcast, found it from Something-Positive.

    Just wanted to say that Matthew had me thinking of Wall-E voiced by Dr. Daniel Schreber from Dark City.

  7. Good lord gentlemen, only 20 mins in and I’m wondering if the bong actually has its own microphone for this one.

    Big fan, keep it up guys. I only played one part of a game (4e) online with some crew from a website using ventrilo and a program called maptools, this makes me want to find a game in my area. Or better yet get Rodrigo to move here and be my GM.

  8. Twitter Summary:

    #CriticalHit #Ep20 Firelith of the Black Oak Woods, Endelode of the Gray Veldt,Sir Philipus of the Grange, and Arbalest of the Exilarchy (1)

    #CriticalHit #Ep20 of Cogs meet to discuss the Lunar menace, but there’s a Void monster attack before they can even finish dinner. (2)

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