Art Appreciation Moment of the Day: Skottie Young’s studio


For the creative type, having an office that is both functional and kick-ass is really important.  I’ve showed off the Major Spoilers HQ a few years ago, but over time the place has grown to be quite a mess.  I’m rectifying that at the moment, and will show off what has become of the space since it was last under the microscope.  In the meantime, I thought using today’s Art Appreciation Moment of the Day to showcase an artists’ workspace might be part inspiration, part motivation.

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(Click for larger image)

You see both work stations are side by side, digital and traditional. I work on them both equally thru the week and I can quickly swing from Cintiq to table instantly. Between them is a 32″ lcd that I watch my movies on. I used to watch on my monitor but now that i work digitally half the time, I prefer to not have movies running on the screen. Some of my favorite Original Art from Chris Bachalo, Angel Medina, and Nathan Fox are around the room. And then the book shelves of reference books, art books, comics, and dvds cap it off.

via Skottie Young