Favorite Doctor Who Episodes

This issue:Hosts Stephen Schleicher and Matthew Peterson read listener mail, and talk about their favorite episodes of Doctor Who. Take a listen, the answers might surprise you.


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  1. I remember a year or so back I stumbled upon the Christopher Eccelston version of the Doctor. I enjoyed the episode, but never got around to watching anymore. Because of the MS podcast, I added the rest of that season to my Netflix queue and I’m on my start of the good Doctor, even if its not from the beginning.

  2. Wow my head hurts form all the time bending and looping talk :) pain aside I will have to say I enjoyed this podcast greatly. I thought back to some of my favorite episodes and sadly they are all mainly the 10th Dr episodes. I loved Tom Baker growing up but I was so young when I watched it I can’t remember a specific episode. Some of my favorites are the Doctor’s Daughter, Doomsday (finally Dalek VS Cybermen),
    Planet of the ood, School reunion. I am hoping the new seasons will bring us more memorable episodes as well.

  3. You can add me to the list of people who had the site slow down to crawl when viewing at work – comes up just fine at home.

    The good news is that at least it wasn’t blocked…

  4. Matthew and Stephen, I remember the Star Trek paperback collections from the 70’s. I bought number 4 at a book fair in the 4th grade. They were called Star Trek Enterprise Logs, and they reprinted about 9 issues of the Gold Key series for $1.95.

  5. In the UK, the Star Trek Gold Key strips were printed as part of the Star Trek annuals which were generally released in time for the festive season. As I was a wee nipper I hadn’t totally mastered the art of reading and it confused me when Scotty referred to every one as a “ladies”, it took a while for the penny to drop and that the writer was throwing in Scottish slang as he was referring to the crew as “laddies” – but then for years I thought Dan – the pilot in the Black Hole didn’t eat meat, but it turned out he was a veteran pilot!!!

    As for Doctor Who, I really like the Peter Cushing movies.
    what about bad episodes? I can recall with horror the Liquorice Allsorts monster in the Happiness Patrol arc. :-)

    • what about bad episodes? I can recall with horror the Liquorice Allsorts monster in the Happiness Patrol arc. :-)

      Those are easier to find, but highly subjective. I didn’t care for ‘Fear Her.’ I found big chunks of the Key to Time season incomprehensible. There’s a lot of hate heaped on Journey’s End, but I kinda liked it. Timelash wasn’t good. I didn’t enjoy Ghost Light very much…

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