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This issue: Dungeon Master Rodrigo talks about the Adventurer’s Vault from Wizards of the Coast. There are new items to be found, and Rodrigo runs through some of them. Stephen also asks about distribution of awarded items in the game and how a Dungeon Master might go about distributing them among the group.


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  1. Hey, was just wondering if there were any websites that had a list of magic items for 4th edition. I need a few for my new game starting up but don’t really wanna buy the adventurers vault for a few magic items. Also is there any site that just has general 4e info. With WoW there are tons of sites dedicated to every skill and ability in the game but with D&D it seems that no sites are publishing this info. I have purchased most of the books but if I want to look up anything while not at home it seems that I am out of luck. Where is my D&D thottbot? Thanks.

  2. Thanks to Rodrigo for letting me know which episode had additional info regarding rolls, scoring, etc. I’d asked that question a few episodes back. (Am I one of the Future People? Damn this timeline…) I went back and listened to Stephen setting up his character … I’m impressed that he hasn’t “forgotten” his goals regarding his character!

    Good job as always.


  3. You won’t find too much stuff online that has actual stats for D&D, since you pay WoW to play the game, but you pay Wizards to give you data to play the game.

    Furthermore Wizards no longer makes PDF copies of their books, on account of that thar piracy. So you end up with two options. A) buy the book, b) find a friend who owns the book and steal it from him.

  4. The talk of tattoo made me think of Dragonmarks. I think Smith could use the Mark of Making…but that is just me speaking.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the character sheets when they leveled up (I would then transform them into Character Builder Files)

  5. This has been an awesome story to listen to. I think it is awesome and Torq makes me laugh… a lot. I have started running my own game a few weeks back so some of what you guys talk about helps me out. All the characters are interesting, but i have to say it. Poor Smith just doesnt get any breaks. Thanks again guys for making this dungeon crawl and i have some advice in Torq speak (lol) “We should all kill the same killy thing at the same time to make it one less killy thing killing us… wait… what was i saying?”

    Keep on rocking Torq, Oren, Randis, and Smith!!

  6. Twitter Summary: #CriticalHit #Ep19 @MajorSpoilers & @FearsomeCritter discuss the Adventurer’s Vault 2 and magic items. More comparisons to WoW. Mailbag Q&A.

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