The hot story hitting the Intardwebz has Kelly Souders, executive producer of Smallville, pushing for a tenth season.

“We are really, really pushing for season 10,” Souders said, adding, “I think the word still isn’t out there that we’re on Friday nights. So if people keep tuning in and telling their friends about it, I think [a 10th season]is quite likely.”

My TiVo down in the Major Spoilers Theater has silently been recording Smallville for the last two seasons, waiting for me to find the time to sit down and catch up on all the fun.  Can the TiVo handle another season?  And for that matter, do you want to see a 10th season of the alternate DC Universe series?

via Entertainment Weekly


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  1. i only want a 10th season if it doesn’t just seem like they are streching out the story to cover another 22 episodes. if it makes sense and is well written then i’m all for it

  2. Here’s my question, though…

    In the story as it’s always been told, Clark becomes Superman right after college. In the Pre-Crisis continuity, he was Superboy until he left for Metropolis to start at the Planet whereas he arrived in the Post-Crisis continuity as a man of about 22 or so and was dubbed Superman before he started working at the Planet. I can quell my inner continuity geek about that…

    But if Clark was 16 when this show started, he’s roughly 26 now. At what point is he actually going to BECOME Superman? Hell, from the promos I’m seeing, he’s already become Batman, are we EVER going to take that final step?

  3. My two cents…

    Nothing good lasts forever. Rarely does something good last for more than a few seasons.

    Let it go. Make a final episode where he dons the suit and flies off into the setting sun.

    Let’s give another hero a try now. I’d still be interesting to see the Bruce Wayne series that was passed on a few years back, or maybe that great Aquaman series. That was a great pilot.

  4. I’d be willing to handle a 10th season, if maybe they would hand it off to another of the DC line of heroes. Not Green Arrow, because they’ve put him too much into Smallville to even consider him having his own show. What I wouldn’t mind seeing is Green Lantern make an appearance. First Abin Sur visiting Earth in Smallville, then how he gives the ring to Hal Jordan. Just that they wouldn’t have a Kryptonian/Meteor freak of the week format.

  5. This show is a pale reflection of its former self. With the exception of Clark and Chloe, there isn’t a single original cast member left. I have to admit that when it moved to Friday nights, I stopped watching after the first two episodes which were not good enough to keep my interest. Enough already. End it.

  6. I’m with Stacey!

    I demand a “Bruce Wayne world tour” series. Just proto-Bats and his sarcastic butler travelling the lands and visiting dojos, temples, secret labs, universities, prisons and monasteries or wherever you go to get your Batman licensing. And of course mysteries and adventures ensue… Ras Al Gul cameo..yes please. The concept has a lot of potential and it stars a well known and well liked character before he went completely omniscient. It will be like printing money for DC! Just you know get some decent writers….

    Also…whoa easy on the photoshop there guys..

  7. Smallville has always been an “Ultimate Supmerman” style show if you’ve asked me. For those of us following Superman continuity, then you already know that the show has veered in significantly different directions. At this point, the show only make sense if they make the final season into a Superman: Year One kind of deal. But since that does make sense they probably won’t do it:)

  8. I am sick of the whole “We’re just people with powers, not superheroes” shtick. Enough. Either give me a full-fledged Superhero show or emo-ridden, teeny-bopper, vampire-Twilight-ripoff show that will tell me that I need not watch TV anymore.
    Yeah, make the vampires shine; make the werewolves fetch; make the zombies eat salads; and make them all 16 to 24. :p

    • Right there with you, i’m so sick of people with super powers wanting to be “normal”. They claim it’s “realism” they are going for, but i don’t know one single person that if they got powers would sit and brood and complain about it. Most would be like Slyar or Hiro, (first season really) where they would actually do stuff.

  9. I agree with most of the above posts, the show needs to mature into a superhero show. It’s almost there, it just needs to have Clark don the blue and red and we can other DC heroes show up every other episode.

    Less emotion, more action.

  10. I know the original promise was no tights and no flights but if the show continues on to a tenth season, or further, some changes need to be made to bring back interest to the show. More Superman and less One Tree Smallville.

  11. I loved this show for years but i agree with alot of other posts. Im a big superman fan but the writers need to get back to the core story of who clark /superman is .i think if there is to be a season 10 season 9 should end with clark completing his training at the fortress, Jor-el erases his memory of the last few years he was in Metropolis.then clark apears in the red and blue suit in the fortress then flies off to metropolis to begin his life as Superman Just like in Superman 1

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