Parker: The Hunter, can't lose

In this issue: Rodrigo is still MIA, Stephen is still hooked on Batman, and Matthew likes the shapely form or Spider-Woman. The A-Team returns, and ReBoot gets Rebooted, but never forget Parker, the Hunter, can’t lose.


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First A-Team image revealed

ReBoot Getting a Reboot

Best of 2009

Major Spoilers Costume Contest: Meet the Entrants

Spider-Woman #2
WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
PENCILS: Alex Maleev

The Eisner award winning team of Bendis and Maleev (DAREDEVIL, HALO) unveil a big new chapter in the life of Jessica Drew as she heads to Madripoor to do SWORD’s dirty work. Based on the ground-breaking motion comic and featuring all new material. And guest starring Spider-Man!!

Batman Confidential #35
Written by Peter Milligan
Art by Andy Clarke

Batman’s adventures in Moscow have all been leading to this as BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL double-ships in October! With The Tsar ready to detonate a hydrogen bomb in Moscow, Batman must work with General Lukzov to stop the massacre. In order to save the day, Batman will have to gain a hand from an unlikely ally!

Matthew has it all up in his head that there is only one good writer at Marvel Comics. So we’re asking you, the Legion of Spoilerites to help answer the question. But is it an answer Matthew is prepared for?
A) Brian Michael Bendis
B) Matt Fraction

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The Hunter, the first book in the Parker series, is the story of a man who hits New York head-on like a shotgun blast to the chest. Betrayed by the woman he loved and double-crossed by his partner in crime, Parker makes his way cross-country with only one thought burning in his mind – to coldly exact his revenge and reclaim what was taken from him! Richard (Donald Westlake) Stark’s groundbreaking Parker books are adapted for the first time as a series of graphic novels by Darwyn Cooke. The initial graphic novel brings to life the first Parker book, The Hunter, which introduces readers to the dangerous anti-hero’s cold and calculated world of criminals, thugs, and grifters.

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  1. I remember Reboot, I liked how Enzo (the kid) had a saved copy of himself turn up at some point so the were two of them, an adult and a younger version. The main villain Megabyte came back from the net as a trojan virus, users (aka us) as Gods and other silly computer stuff like that. I mainly watched ‘cuz it was made in Canada. I really don’t see this working as a movie, even less as a trilogy.

    The City was called “Mainframe”.

  2. Again it’s missing a certain something with no Rodrigo. Good show, and at 19 I remember Reboot, same company that did Beast Wars.

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