With close to 90 entries in this year’s Major Spoilers Costume Contest, it was really tough narrowing it down to five finalists.  The Major Spoilers Crew poured over the entries for hours making our individual selections, and when the nominations were put in the hopper, we found our top five. Now, it’s up to you, the Legion of Major Spoilerites to cast the deciding vote.  Who will be named the winner of the 2009 Major Spoilers Annual Costume Contest?  Take the jump to see the finalists, then cast your vote!

Update: Time to meet the winner!

Want to see all the entries one more time? Check out all 87 contestants here!

Angelo Mosley – Justice Lords Superman

Angelo entered several different costumes, but the Major Spoilers Crew was won over by his Justice Lords Superman costume from the Justice League animated series.

Robert Day – Darkness

The big horned villain from Legend made the final cut, mostly because of the horns, but also because Tom Cruise is nowhere to be seen in the submitted pictures.

Josh Mayfield – Captain Marvel

We realize not everyone who entered the contest this year are part of the full Major Spoilers Experience, so it’s nice to see a regular Spoilerite make it to the final five.  Josh earned high points for not only designing the costume, but for striking the Fred MacMurray pose Alex Ross made famous.

Wayne – Teen Titans Robin

Come’on check out those shoes!  Wayne took the time to not only make a Robin costume, but to try and make it as close to the animated series as possible from head to toe (literally).

Devin Harrigan – Atomic Robo

Who doesn’t love Atomic Robo?  Devin spent countless hours constructing this outfit, and it really shows in the final fitting.

Thanks to everyone who entered the Major Spoilers Costume Contest this year!  We are blown away by all the talent out there, and we wish we could give prizes to everyone!  But there can be only one winner, and that decision is now in your hands!


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The voting will close on November 2, with the winner announced on November 3, 2009.


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  1. I am thrilled that I made the top five, but honestly, that Atomic Robo costume is flipping amazing! All the entrants were great, glad to have participated.

  2. These all look great!! I especially like Robin’s metalic green. But, man, I really thought pic #3 of Atomic Robo was a shot of a figurine. That costume is amazing!!!

  3. Well done everyone.

    Atomic Robo got my vote this year.

    I would love to see some photos of how the suit itself is put together, either with Devin actually putting it on or just phots of each of the individual elements that make up the suit.


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