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  1. In every organization, you need “Big Picture” guys and “Details” guys. Bendis is the Big Picture guy, he thinks about the major concepts, all the cool swerves and plot twists, and even the clever dialougue moments. Where he tends to fall apart in in the total excecution of completely cohesive story. You’ll remember his story for cool moments and cool characters, but you’ll be left scratching your head at plot holes and endings that tend to be a letdown after doing a such great job setting the stage. This is why the lead up and beginning of Secret Invasion is cool as hell and the ending left all of us empty.

    Fraction is a “Details” guy. He not only has great ideas, but you can see the evidence of his work to build a intricate plot and cohesive story with a clear beginning, middle, and end. There is real weight and a sincere effort to echo Marvel continuity. Fraction should be the next guy they tap to write Amazing Spider-Man, not Bendis….

    Bendis tends to hit big home runs, but when he’s off he’s really off. Fraction has been a model of consistency and a writer who I really believe is on the verge of something special.

    So in summation, Bendis is the flashy SUV that’s a great ride but poor on gas mileage, Fraction is that dependable car that starts up everyday and gets you from point A to B no matter what.

    (Wow! See the crap I can come up with when I should be at work actually working???)

  2. I will be perfectly honest that I didn’t pay much attention to who a writer is, but after Secret Invasion (which I enjoyed even the ending) I start noticing that I was reading a lot of Bendis’s books. I enjoyed them and I thought they were good. But, then I read the Dark Avenger/Uncanny X-men crossover by Fraction and I was amazed. The story was a good story, but what struck me was how Fraction wrote the characters. Fraction made me care about the characters and even like Cyclops who I haven’t liked ever.

    So, my vote goes to Fraction. But, that should be no slight to Bendis b/c I like him too.

  3. Better writer at Marvel or just in general?

    Outside of Marvel, Bendis gave us Torso, Jinx and Fortune and Glory; Fraction gave us Casanova and The Five Fists of Science.

    At Marvel Bendis gave us Jessica Jones; Fraction gave us The Order and Jet Pack Cyclops.

    Even though, for me it’s a close call, Jet Pack Cyclops > Jessica Jones.

    Matt Fraction for the win.

  4. My vote goes to Fraction who got me really interested in X-Men again. Bendis can hit the homerun, but not consistently. My opinion is that he gets consumed by a concept so much that he doesn’t plan out the rest well.

    BTW, doesn’t Bendis look plastered in his picture?

  5. With Bendis i have a kinda love/hate thing going on. BUT ive never read anything by Fraction i didnt love (Also: greatest last name ever!)

  6. What? Why no Brubaker? I would actually rate him as the best writer at Marvel, although admittedly, his run on X-Men was not nearly as good as Fraction’s.

    I like a lot of Bendis’ work, but not as much lately. I feel like he’s better on a single character book like Daredevil or Spider-Man. On team book like the Avengers, every character starts to sound the same b/c they’re all so cleaver and funny.

    Given that I can’t pick Bru, I’ll go with Fraction.

  7. Jim hit my main complaint with Bendis – when he’s doing a solo character book, his stuff is good, but when he does a team book, there’s no real effort to have the characters sound like individuals. They sound like, well, stereotypical Bendis characters with a catch phrase or two to remind you who they are.

    Fraction, however, gets points just for his awesome introduction to “Teenagers from the Future” alone.

  8. I haven’t read a whole lot of Fraction, but what I have read so far (X-Men) has been extremely average. Methinks him’s a bit overrated (in my experience with him thus far).

  9. Where is the love for DNA? Marvel’s cosmos is where its at right now.

    Bendis is a love/hate thing for me too. His plotting recently on New Avengers has bored me lately. Im dont understand the new ultimate spider-man book. I mean is Pete really dating Carnage now?

    I haven’t read much Fraction but have been enjoying his run on Uncanny – almost dropped it due to Lands horrible art during the sisterhood arc but managed to make it through.

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