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Three wild space chick naked in your bathtub seems like the making of a perfect evening in Atlantic City, except A) you aren’t that lucky B) ew – Atlantic City, and C) this kind of thing only happens in DC’s Power Girl.

powergirl6COVER.jpgPower Girl #6
Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray
Art and cover by Amanda Conner
Variant cover by Guillem March

Wild alien girls from beyond the solar system have accidentally found themselves in the middle of Manhattan, and through a series of misunderstandings have wound up on the wrong side of Power Girl.  To make matters worse, a male alien shows up to bring the three in, but their response seems to be throwing cars and trucks and causing general mayhem.

While Power Girl tries to sort everything out, she learns that the three aliens are princesses from the planet Vega 7, who decided to skip out of the palace to have some fun, and the authorities were sent after them.  Unfortunately, all four fell through a black hole and ended up here, totally lost, out of their element, and here to stay. When this plot point was revealed, the rest of the issue was nearly ruined with the thoughts of four more people shacking up in Karen’s new apartment ala the albino apes in Wonder Woman.  Fortunately, Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti know not to pull the same stunt in the same comic universe, and the resolution worked out well in the end.

But before the resolution is revealed, Power Girl and the male authority figure must head to Atlantic City, because… well, because three hot naive girls running wild are always going to attract the wrong people, which usually leads to nekkid bodies in a hot tub in Atlantic City.  Amanda Conner’s art is top notch once again in this issue. She’s already proven that she can draw the nude body with all the bits hidden just right.  It works perfectly here, even when a bunch of bad guys bust through the door and start shooting up the joint.

Beyond the whole Girls Gone Wild storyline, the writers once again spend a bit of time focusing on Karen’s private life, her new stalker, and a shopping sequence with Terra that feels very familiar.  And if some of the sequences do seem like a rerun, Palmiotti and Gray address the issue in a humorous ending sequence where advice is dished out on both sides from Terra and Karen.

While the aliens are pretty much written off by the end of the two issue arc, part of me wishes the story would have been a little longer to see the characters develop, and another part of me is hoping we never see them again.  It’s a conflict to be sure, but I think had we been able to see more of these characters, readers would have realized the potential for great future stories and situations.

There were certainly some great laughs and some great art in this issue, but of the six issues already released, this one seems to be the weakest of them all. Still, Power Girl #6 is still strong enough to pull a 4 Star rating from this reviewer, with the hopes that the next arc starts and finishes super strong.



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  1. Maybe since this is ish six, they were trade-writing and had to clip “SGGW” short? I liked it, perhaps even a bit more than you did — which is no small feat, I realize. :) This book just feels “good”. Like, it made me giggle and grin. I’m perfectly okay with anything that puts a smile on my otherwise gloomy mug. ^_^

  2. Another issue would have been great. I found myself becoming attached to Anez because cause she seemed to be portrayed as their opposite of her sisters. She didn’t act like them at all and that was a good thing.

    • Aha! They have you snagged on a dangling plot-thread! Excellent! If this book lasts another 5 or 6, maybe we’ll get more development out of that! :D It reminds me of the ‘old days’ where characters were developed slowly, at a simmer instead of a red-hot hurried boil. ^_^

  3. Got all six issues, I love this comic so much. Power Girl and Terra make such a great little team. I love Power Girl’s attitude, she’s the first comic book auperhero since Hellboy that I’ve found totally likeable yet she isn’t a “Mary Sue”. Amanda Connor’s art is fantastic, there hasn’t been a bad panel in the entire run. I’ve always bought trades as I’m a bit of a novice with limited funds so this is the very first title I’ve ever followed monthly. My first DC book too (other than Watchmen). I hope it lasts for a very long time, I’m sad there is no PG in November so I hope the December issue makes up for her missing my birthday!

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