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The critically-acclaimed Avalon Studios comic series, Aria finally arrives to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Aria was created by comic book pioneer and founder of Avalon Studios, Brian Haberlin (Witchblade, Spawn, Blackest Night and many others) and celebrated writer, Brian Holguin (Spawn, Kiss: Psycho Circus).

This first Aria mini-series features the stunningly detailed art of Russ Manning Award-Winner, Jay Anacleto (Marvels: Eye of the Camera, Athena Inc.)  and Roy Martinez (Wonder Woman, The Wicked).  As usual from all Avalon Studios titles, Aria delivers amazing colors by Brian Haberlin, Andy Troy and the late Drew Posada.

Recommended for readers and fans of: Sandman, Neil Gaiman, Books of Magic, and Witchblade.

Somewhere around the corner, just beyond the edge of perception, lies a world you never dreamed existed…

The World of Aria.

A world where creatures of ancient myth, and gods long thought dead, walk unnoticed along the crowded streets of Manhattan.   Where ladies of Faerie dance lonely nights away, bathed in a soft neon glow.  Where every shadow holds a secret, and every secret has a price. Where danger and wonder can be found at any turn, if you only know where to look.

A subtle blend of myth and magic, fact and fantasy, Aria charts the lives, loves and adventures of a strange young woman named Kildare, and her extraordinary circle of friends.

ARIA is a four-issue mini-series.   Issue #1 is available as a FREE download.   Issues #2-4 are only 99 cents each.

ARIA Comic Book Apps can be found here on iTunes:

This is the first volume of several Aria mini-series from Avalon Studios to be released through Tasty Pop.

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Press Release

Press Release

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