A nice thing about the Legion of Super Heroes is the team is composed of both men and women, which means there’s a pretty even distribution of testosterone and estrogen that keeps artists in check.  As part of our week long look at Gene Gonzales’ take on the Legion of Super Heroes, we take a look at Timber Wolf, who may or may not look an awful lot like another character from another company…

This is my favorite look for Timber Wolf. And again, a Dave Cockrum classic. Brin didn’t always look like this. He did look more human back when he was Lone Wolf and did revert back to a more human look after this particular design.

via Gene Gonzales


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  1. “Another character from another company”? You must mean Fang from the Imperial Guard. ;-)

    I very much appreciate the balance between male and female characters in the Legion. One can’t even complain about the way the females dress, after seeing Cosmic Boy’s bustier thingy.

    Shrinking Violet, Shadow Lass, and Dawnstar are favorites among the females; Brainic-5 (already showcased), Ultra-Boy, and Sun Boy among the males.

  2. Timber Wolf, Lone Wolf, the Astonishing Wolf-Man, Fang, and Starfox are all aspects of Wolverine. It is only one small part of Logan’s ability to appear in 15 titles at the same time.

  3. Can’t wait for exciting animated series like “Starfox and the Avengers,” “Timber Wolf and the Legion of Super Heroes,” and “Fang and the Imperial Guard!”

  4. Omigosh I have always found T-wolf to be one sexy man–in all of his costumes (well, maybe not in his Furball incarnation). I don’t know what it is that makes me feel this way (after all, it’s just ink on a page), but he has always seemed the most sensual of the male Legionnaires. Weird, hunh? But I really can’t envision Mon or Brainy or even Jo as having physical bodies in the same way that I see Brin.

    • I guess it’s that feral male thing. Sort of the barbarian demeanor but with the noble heart beneath.

      I guess it’s sort of like guys who like the innocent-looking young women with the pigtails and all of that who are kinky little freaks when you get them going.

      The libido is a funny thing. But, hey, I always liked Shrinking Violet (see above preference) so who am I to judge. ;-)

  5. Dave Cockrum redesigned Timber Wolf into the version we see above. Later, after Cockrum left DC to go work on the All-New All-Different Uncanny X-Men, he tweaked the look of Wolverine slightly more Timber Wolf-ish. And of course, when he designed the Imperial Guard, he patterned Fang after Timber Wolf. I think it was in the Death of Phoenix story where he killed Fang on the moon and took his costume, making him even more Timber Wolf-ish. (And that led, if I remember correctly, to a temporary shift in color in his regular costume from blue/yellow to shades of brown.)

    • I liked the move of Wolverine’s costume from blue/yellow to black/brown. I never could understand a guy that stealthy and tough wearing primary colors.

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