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This week, every day at 8:30 AM Eastern on Cartoon Network, experience the red-hot Super Hero Squad Show, featuring the most action-packed, family-friendly super hero action in the universe! Get ready to experience five all new episodes as the Squad must “Hero Up” against their greatest threats yet!

On Tuesday, October 20th, a new villain named Scorpio tries to steal top secret Stark Tech—but just what does the enigmatic Nick Fury have to do with all this? You’re going to find out, True Believer!

The Super Hero Squad needs a new home on Wednesday, October 21st, but it turns out that Reptil’s bedroom and Punisher’s van just aren’t big enough! Film star Ray Stevenson provides the voices of guest stars Dr. Strange and The Punisher, while the Enchantress, Baron Mordo and more join in on the action!

Then, on Thursday, October 22nd, Doom’s nefarious ally Egghead (voiced by Seinfeld’s Wayne Knight) thinks he can steal a fractal from the Squad by shrinking to insect size, but he’s in for a surprise! Enter Ant-Man (voiced by Heroes star Greg Grunberg), who leads the team into battle with Doom’s forces and into…Hulk’s nose?

Wolverine wants out of the Squad on Friday, October 23rd, and joins the international All-Captains Squad, becoming…Captain Canada! It’s time to meet Captain Britain, Captain America, Captain Lichtenstein, Captain Brazil & Captain Australia! But does Wolverine belong with them or will he return to the Squad?

Things are out of this world on Saturday, October 24th, when Doctor Doom makes a deal with cosmic baddie Thanos! Meanwhile, the Squad and Fantastic Four team up to battle Super-Skrull and his army of Skrulls! Buffy and Angel star James Marsters voices Mr. Fantastic, while guest-stars H.E.R.B.I.E., Paste Pot Pete, and more shake the universe to its core!

Plus, don’t miss Marvel Super Hero Squad #1, jam-packed with your favorite Marvel heroes and all ages action, in comic shops now!

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