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Warning: Pregnant women, the elderly, and children under 10 should avoid prolonged exposure to the Robot Overlord. Robot Overlord may suddenly accelerate to dangerous speeds. The Robot Overlord contains a liquid core, which if exposed due to rupture, should not be touched, inhaled, or looked at. If Robot Overlord begins to smoke, get away immediately. Seek shelter and cover head. Do not taunt the Robot Overlord.


  1. I had to give this match to Invincible. When it comes to power levels, Prime probably has the edge, but Invincible will not give up, ever. Mark is also getting stronger all the time. Since it is a different universe, it’s hard to tell if Viltrumites are on par with pre-crisis Kryptonians, but sure seems like it.

    Regardless, I just want to see that punk Superboy Prime lose. He had a shot at redemption, and I thought that’s where Legion of Three Worlds was headed, but alas, he’s Irredeemable (see what I did there?)and needs to be bloodied a bit.

  2. I love Invincible but this isnt a popularity contest and Viltrumites are not PC Kryptonians….Well Mark isnt yet …. The one that can fly through a sun wins!

  3. I’ll give my vote to anyone willing to beat the crap out of Tom Welling Prime, but saddly no one man can beat him. Remember Sinestro Corps War where the entire roaster of Titans, Teen Titans, JLA and JSA weren’t able to take him out? And how after that he still beat the snot out of Ion?

  4. As much as I’m sure Superboy Prime would try to “kill him to death,” (Ugh…), I’m betting Invincible would beat the whiny seven year old out of this guy.

    And it’s a pretty cannon statement that Invincible is considered to be at or higher than Superman levels of strength. The natural assumption that the character Immortal is probably around Superman as strong as Superman and Invincible often regards him as “not that strong,” helps enforce that thinking.

  5. @Julian

    Im gonna call bull on that if you look at the actual feats of speed and power he pulls of in the books then he is on-par with or slightly below Continuity Superman…I Know The Immortal played Supermans role in the GG but Omni man is more of a match power-wise.

  6. @lifeisaglitch

    Even if that theory is true, It still mean Invincible has more strength than people are crediting him for. Invincible has stated that he’s nearly on par with his father’s strength, so if Omni-man is a match for Superman and Invincible is a match for Omni-man, then Invincible is a match for Superman.

  7. As much as I hate prime, his power level is borderline cheating, he punched reality for god sakes! What the hell is that?

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