I can’t wait to see what DC has in store for the first wave of heroes as they resurrect Doc Savage and crew and throw them in the world of 1939 Batman, the Spirit, Blackhawks and more, an it kicks off with the Batman/Doc Savage Special hitting in November.  I’ll be really curious to see how much on-going interaction Doc and Batman have with one another, and I’m wondering if DC will touch on Doc’s institute where they perform lobotomies on criminals, and if there will be a confrontation between any of the heroes. I’ll also be curious to see if DC somehow manages to get The Shadow in on all the action as well. There could very well be some interesting stories featuring Batman and The Shadow teaming and seeing the real parallels between the two characters and how The Shadow influenced the Bat.

Anyone else excited to see Doc Savage return to comics, or all you all too young to remember who he is?


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  1. I would love to see The Shadow also, but as for Batman interacting with him, back in the 70’s when DC published the great Mike Kaluta drawn series, he guest starred with Batman a couple times.

    I don’t want to be a self-promoter, but I did a blog about this subject a few years ago, feel free to read it if you want more information. http://beanharvest.blogspot.com/2006/03/batman-meets-shadow.html

    Anyway, I am really excited about this new line. I don’t think it’s a rip-off of Marvel’s Noir stuff at all. Mainly because these characters are made for that type of storytelling and don’t have to be retrofitted like Marvel’s stable.

  2. What is the world of 1939 Batman? Was that an Elseworlds story or was it during his year 2-3 stories when he decided to use a gun? I may be wrong but that does look like a gun and holster under his left arm. What am I missing?

    • The 1939 Batman that I refer to here is the Batman that was created in 1939. The First Wave stories take place during that time period and will feature the Batman from that time period. It is interesting to see Batman with a gun, but remember, in the early Batman tales (those from the time), Bats did carry and use a gun.

  3. I just got pulp wood… And the whole Batman with a gun thing actually makes me believe they will stay true to Doc and his.. “rehabilitative” techniques.

  4. I can barely wait! I’ve been a fan of Doc and the Shadow ever since I was a teen (many, many moons ago), and this looks like it will be a great approach. Bats owes so much to Doc (probably a bit more than the Shadow, at least at the beginning of his career), and seeing the melding of the world that would contain both of them makes my pulpy heart pitter-pat.

  5. From what I have read, this is going to be a great little series with some possible spin-off series.

    The Pulp style stuff gets ignored more times than not, and Azerrello working on it should be a good time.

    Looking forward to picking this up!

  6. This sounds totally neat and awesome…. but Final Crisis & Blackest Night did too. (So did Marvel Noir, but that’s another publisher entirely.) :( That is, fellow spoilerites, my way of saying that lately DC is great with the push and … variable with the follow-through. I hope y’all don’t get broken hearts from this, and I really mean that. :) It looks like something worth getting excited for, if you know the Pulp Peoples appropriately.

  7. I’m honestly not a fan of Doc Savage per se, but if a Shadow mini results sure. Otherwise it’s cool to see characters like this out again.

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