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In celebration of Boston Comic Con, the leaders of the Comicbook Artists Guild announced this week that they are hosting a Meet & Greet for the popular New England convention’s exhibitors and attendees. The gathering, which is co-sponsored by Boston Comic Con and Bedrock Comics, is scheduled for Saturday October 24th at 6pm. Clerys Bar & Restaurant will serve as venue for the event.

Hosting their first official event in the Boston metro area, the Guild has planned this event to provide creators and other exhibitors an opportunity to network and mingle outside the hustle and bustle of a busy convention. Attendees of the Meet & Greet will enjoy a free appetizer buffet and a cash bar. The Guild will also be raffling off some special prizes to attendees, including a complimentary one year membership to the Guild.  Existing members will be on hand to share their experiences being in CAG and to answer questions.

The Comicbook Artists Guild, founded in 2000, is an organization dedicated to the networking, education and support of comic book creators, writers and artists alike, regardless of amateur or professional status, skill levels or talent divisions. CAG operates membership chapters in New York Metro and New England, with interest in opening more chapters and continuing to grow. CAG’s goal is to advance the medium of comics through the creative experiences of its members. By bringing them together on projects of their choosing, the Guild perpetuates the positive aspects of the comics industry and its continuing contribution to popular culture.


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