The 10th annual Baltimore Comic-Con took place October 10th and 11th at the Baltimore Convention Center in Maryland.  This was my first year attending the show and also marked the first time I would be wearing my Supergirl outfit to a convention (my only other public appearance was at a grand opening of a comic store). I was also pretty excited about Major Spoilers “Spot the cosplayer” contest and wondered if anyone would recognize my boyfriend and I from the site.

Arriving Saturday in the mid afternoon, I was asked for photos literally from the moment I walked out of the bathroom stall. I was fixing my wig when the woman next to me requested a photo for her boyfriend and took out her cell phone. It was an odd request and I can honestly say that I have never been asked for a photo in the bathroom before! I was happy to oblige however and the kind woman got a real kick out of the shot she took. While standing in line for tickets, I was approached by several people for photographs and one man who asked about my costume.  When I got to the showroom floor, I met up with some friends and began making my way through the artist alley.

I was looking forward to seeing my friend Billy Tucci whom I first met at the Wizard World Philly show along with Top Cow’s Eric Basaldua. Billy greeted me warmly and invited me behind his booth for a hug and quick chat. I purchased a gorgeous print from him featuring Return to Wonderland’s Calie Liddle which he was kind enough to autograph. Billy’s colleague AJ Garcia was also in attendance (who has also worked for Aspen). Other artists I got to meet were Greg Horn and Ken Haeser (creator/writer/artist of The Living Corpse). I was incredibly flattered when Greg and AJ remembered me from the Wizard show. I accidentally came across Tiny Titans very own Franco which was the highlight of my day. I was getting numerous requests for photos and when I was done, I turned around and literally found myself in front of his table. How’s that for dumb luck? I got a Supergirl sketch and autographed issue of Tiny Titans and Franco and I also exchanged contact information.

Many cosplayers were in attendance including Paul, whom I recently interviewed for Major Spoilers. He was sporting his Scarecrow costume which was easily one of the best costumes at the show. A Harley Quinn cosplayer by the name of Hannah approached me to say hello. I first met Hannah briefly at Wizard World Philly and was highly impressed with her costume. She is the best Harley Quinn I have ever seen and we took some photos together for ourselves and fans. Several people recognized my boyfriend and I and took our pictures for the Major Spoilers contest. It was great to meet some fans of the site in person! I spoke to many people who had questions about the contest and my costume. The compliments I received were very heart warming and I didn’t mind the cat calls or wolf whistles! Nothing pleases me more than getting the approval from the comic book community. As a fan myself, I strive to make my cosplays the best that they can be and put 110% into them.

The day ended with dinner with a friend by the water front. After leaving the show, I realized I never saw Eric Basaldua at the Top Cow booth and assumed that I had missed him. I ended up receiving a text message from him on Sunday explaining that he couldn’t make it to the show after all.

All in all it was a great experience. This was the first non Wizard comic convention I attended and I had a great time. Thanks to the folks at Baltimore for putting on a great show!


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