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Work In Comics is a job and collaboration platform which is designed specifically for the needs of putting together comics. Users looking for work or looking to hire will be able to come to Work In Comics to find potential prospects. Why go surfing all over the net when you can come to one place and find what you’re looking for?

The site is designed to gather comic book creators in all areas of comic development to help fulfill their needs of various comic services. Work In Comics is built upon the experiences of many independent creators, and how their careers in the comics industry could have used one or two fewer challenges; this platform will serve as an aid for those creators. Work In Comics provides an all-in-one platform to help aspiring creators build their comic team.

The website also offers various services such as a Creator Announcement section where creators are free to post upcoming events, convention appearances, or project launches, a Work In Comics blog where users will be able to get the latest tips and advice on how to get involved in the comics industry, and more. Best of all, Work In Comics is a FREE service.

Many more great features will be added shortly; we encourage our users to read the various guidelines and help topics in order to get started in creating their first post. We also encourage our users to provide feedback and suggestions through our “give feedback” feature on the Work In Comics blog, so as to help improve the site.

Some Features of Work In Comics include:

  • Targeted Job Postings
  • Multiple Search Options
  • Upload Your Resume and demo reels
  • Subscriptions and RSS features.
  • Post Your Announcement
  • It’s ALL FREE!

About Work In Comics:

Our goal at Work In Comics is to help you find fellow creators in all areas of comic development. It is a place where people looking for work in comics can find opportunities, or create their own. We have great tools and resources available to help get you started on your way to building your comic team and getting your comic project realized.

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  • Search for opportunities
  • Build your comic team
  • Work In Comics

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  1. Zeros to Heroes is another site like this

    Although I like the legal in the ‘Work in Comics’ site a lot more, I like the concept of ‘Zeros to Heroes’ a little more.

    I’d like to see a middle ground between the two. Somewhere you could post submissions yet not have them be owned by the site.

    This is sweet tho. Now I just need to finish a freakin’ script :-)

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