A while ago, we asked you, the Major Spoilers Elite to cast your vote on which actor played your favorite Doctor.  Now months later, it appears as if two of those actors are caught in a tie.  We don’t like giving out two first place awards around here, as someone must always be the winner, and someone must always be the loser.  So we’re putting Doctor Who and Doctor Who in cage and asking you once again to cast your vote to decide who lives and who dies (only to be resurrected into the smiling face of Matt Smith).


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  1. I think both of these played the part very well. However, my vote goes to Tom Baker because even before I knew what Doctor Who was, I could recognise the outfit that was being referenced.

    I know that there’re like 50 companions, but could we ever see one of the most recognizable one’s from each Doctor’s era.

  2. Talk about your tough choices. One the one hand, you have the Baker as the absolutely iconic Doctor. On the other hand, Tennant is the only Doctor since Baker that can seriously challenge that self-same iconic-ness.

    I ultimately went with David Tennant, but honestly I think it’s because I watched all of his episodes first run, whereas I didn’t get to see any Baker episodes until after the relaunch.

    I will say, Tennant is definitely better than Eccelston was (though Chris had his strengths). It’s said the first Doctor you see becomes “your” Doctor… And While I like Sylvester McCoy, Tennant is the clear winner.

    • I like your arguments. BNC, going back and seeing old episodes McCoy has really become my favorite, even with the bad jumper.

  3. I went for Baker. I remember watching them back in the days when public television would purchase the syndication rights (this and Blakes 7) and as it has been said, this is MY Doctor. I like Tennant, and really enjoyed his version, but the silly man with the bag full of jellie babies will always be my favorite.

    That said, I have never seen any episodes after the Colin Baker years (of the original run) so I missed out on Sylvester McCoy. THink I’ll pick up one of his DVDs this week.

  4. Kent from Oslo on

    But, but, but, they can’t fight! It’s just wrong! Making us chose between our children, both with big sad eyes…

    That being said, I think Doctor 4 has that bit of extra self-confidence, arrogance and flippancy to survive the day. Also, the Doctor 10 would not want to kill off Doctor 4, while I imagine that THE Tom Baker wouldn’t mind wiping out the other Doctors, so he could be the only one. :P

  5. This is too hard dammit, I always vote Pertwee in these things. Can’t choose between the actors, so I’ll vote based on their stories. Here’s to Romanadvoratrelundar, The Robots of Death and regenerating into Ten one day!

  6. Although I’ve never watched Doctor Who, I voted for Tom Baker because I can remember seeing episodes of it on when the Sci-Fi Channel first premiered and the image of him with the spinning graphic behind him is iconic. Just like on that episode of Family Guy.

  7. It’s like choosing between family members! OK. Tom Baker. Remember, you made me do it…and David Tennant was removed from the train platform, never to be seen again.

  8. Baker all the way. Not only was he my first Doctor (although my favorite is McCoy), but he also represents everything right about the original series. The new one is too slick for my tastes and feels very generic; Baker’s tenure highlighted everything that made the original quirky & unique. That, and Douglas Adams was a writer for the series during his run. Adams = win.

  9. I’m not old enough to have known Tom Baker as the Doctor (I have no grey hairs and I still have all my orignal teeth), so I’ll go with David Tennant.

    @Shawn: you’re right! When they jump to hyperspace we see him with the Doctor Who music in the background.

  10. Two great doctors, both passionate and brilliant in their own way, probably the gratest Doctors so far, when it comes to chosing the best Doctor it generally comes to a popularity contest and you had to chose the two most popular (the classical and the most recent). But if the two were to fight I believe that in this particular case it comes down to experience, the Tenth is just more experienced and knows all the moves of the Fourth, it would be a great fight but in the end it could not end in any other way.

  11. I go with Baker as well, as he was the first Doctor I ever met…When it all shakes out I wonder if the age breakdowns of Major Spoilers readers on either side of …say 32 years old will roughly mirror the results of the poll…

    • I go with Baker as well, as he was the first Doctor I ever met…When it all shakes out I wonder if the age breakdowns of Major Spoilers readers on either side of …say 32 years old will roughly mirror the results of the poll…

      I’d say it pretty much always does…

  12. Tennant isn’t worthy to even clean Baker’s Tardis’s toilet. While Baker might turn a blind eye to his pervish-relationship with Rose, he’d kick him out the door mid-transit for his human-bashing and emo-whining. If he can’t screw it (Rose, Jack, Donna and Martha) he ain’t traveling with it (Mickey). The only companion Baker’s character had any flirtation with was Romana and that was only because Tom the old dog was shagging her in real life. Baker’s main companion was a robot dog for kris’s sake.

    • Thank you for summing up what I dislike most about New Who – companions as love interests is the absolute worst for me. It’s depressing to see that generic & shiny is winning over quirky & smart right now.

  13. Sadly, the popular vote is going to go to Tennant because he’s the most recent and he’s had the most recent media coverage…I far prefer Baker if only because he has a greater quantity of well-written episodes to his name, one or two of which written by Douglas Adams himself. Tennant’s Doctor had a few shining moments, but the majority of his episodes were very childishly scripted, with only a few interruptions of quality such as the episodes from “Blink” to “Utopia” of the series before last.

  14. This was a tough call for me. I had to go with Baker, he was my 1st doctor and you never forget your 1st doctor. Seeing most of the votes going Tennant’s way make me wonder how many people know there was a sow before Eccleston, and the move.

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