No new Simpsons movie just yet


If you fell in love with The Simpsons Movie, and were hoping to see more of the yellow skinned family on the big screen, you’re going to have to wait a while.  Simpsons creators Matt Groening and Al Jean that the task of producing a movie and a television show was just too much to handle, so they’ve put any new movie plans on hold, at least until the television series wraps production.

When might the television show end?  The show, now in its 21st year shows no signs of slowing, and as long as Groening and Fox can get along, we could see the animated series go for another five years, easily.

“It took 18 years to get around to doing the movie,” Groening said. “We got very frustrated. We thought it would take two years but it ended up taking four. Some day maybe we’ll do another one — but don’t hold your breath.”

via Variety