Archaia Sneak Peek: Days Missing #2



Archaia sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Days Missing #2 that arrives in stores this week (October 7).

DAYS MISSING #2 (of 5)
(W) David Hine      (A) Chris Burnham       (Cov) Dale Keown, Frazer Irving

September 12, 1815. The mysterious Steward watches over Mary Shelley as she thrashes in the arms of a fever dream while a violent storm rages outside. He knows what horror has risen from her subconscious to torment her. The year before, Mary was woken by another storm. That night, the scientist John Galton defied God and Nature by an unholy act of creation that ended in destruction and bloody murder. The horror Mary witnessed was wiped from her memory, but now, the story of that missing day can finally be told – the true story of the Modern Prometheus that Mary would immortalize in fiction as a warning to mankind. The story of Frankenstein’s Monster.

Full Color      32 pages       $2.99 for Dale Keown cover, $3.99 for Limited Edition Frazer Irving cover.

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