That’s the question that arises from the latest casting call for the CW’s Smallville.

[NEW SEXY SUPERHERO] Male – 37 – 48 yr. old. All ethnicities. He is the most handsome and sexy of ALL the D.C Superheros. Actor must have a fantastic physique. GUEST STAR. Dates are approximately 10-26 thru 11-3-09

Buddy Baker?  Michael Carter? Ted Grant?  Zatara? Throw out your suspects, and we’ll see if you are right when the Glen Winter directed episode airs.

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  1. The “all ethnicities” makes it hard to hazard a guess…
    Seen how he’s basicaly shirtless all the time, maybe Hakman?

  2. Well, my immediate reaction was Dick Grayson, but he’d be younger than 37.

    It sounds like how Micheal Carter would describe himself! Or Hal Jordan?

  3. Also, the age of the character is significantly older than Clark. Someone who’s much older but very handsome yet could be any ethnicity? Dunno.

  4. technically, bruce gets the most action – being at the peak of physical perfection and all… I’m sure money has nothing to do with it though…

    nah, wait… it should be current Batman Dick Grayson… Starfire and Barbara Gordon can’t be wrong…

  5. lifeisaglitch lifei on

    Stuff we know: Age, that he is handsome and physically impressive also male…

    Red herrings: Hero? (not that important to specify in a casting call…might be bull..could be a villain)
    Age? (Time travel might be used…magic might be used…weird variable)

    All ethnicities tells us we are talking about a character that isnt A-list, they wouldnt mess up Jon Stewarts race or Bruce Waynes (bear in mind possibility of shapeshifter..Jonn?)

    Not being a Smallville viewer i dont have any context but il hazard a guess anyway: Booster Gold, athlete and very fond of himself (Would be very Smallville..right?)

  6. Do you guys think it’s for Geoff Johns’ JSA episode (especially since they’re casting for an older guy)? If so, then I could definitely see it being Hawkman. I would have guessed Zan if they hadn’t already cast him…

  7. Hawkman and Booster are both good guesses. Hard to imagine Booster not being blond though and that wouldn’t work well with any ethnicity. Booster seems to fit the “most handsome” thing a little better.

    Just wait until they cast for Gorilla Grodd.

  8. Eye-Roller Lass on

    Few things make my fangirl heart happier than seeing a bunch of dudes talking about how hot other(fictional)dudes are. :)

    IMO, Smallville can cast all the beefcake they want; the only way I’m watching it again is if the new character wears a flight ring.

  9. You know, they could be going for Green Lantern.

    The ethnicity would determine whether it’s Hal, Kyle (slightly hispanic), or John. Or guy, I guess?

  10. I think it’s going to be someone who wears a mask or a full body costume, hence the “all ethnicities”.

    Hakman reincarnates, so a change in ethnicity could be added to his storyline with little problem, plus he wears a mask.

    It could also be that Jonzz is doing the classic “posing as *insert Clark’s or another hero’s superhero persona here* while he’s in the same room to throw suspicion away from him”

  11. Maybe who the character is ain’t that important, and he’ll just be used for the looks aspect in some stupid Lois subplot or something? If it’s a JSA-er then he’d have to be white, seeing as they seem to have only recently discivered that the world is multicoloured…

    As for who really is the most good-looking male, I’m guessing Dick Grayson? Black Lightning? I dunno. I find it wierd even thinking about it given they’re all drawn completely differently by each artist…

  12. I hope it is not an A-list hero because I don’t like when they tamper with the relative ages of the characters. The TRINITY and the other League founders are roughly the same age, as are the Titans, the Teen Titans, the JSA, etc. The worse part of Wolverine movie was having to accept that Gambit and Deadpool (and even Emma) are so much older than Cyclops. Very distracting for me.

    I’m sure it’s not a GL because of Hal being being used in a movie soon, and with Jon as “the Black GL”, Kyle and Guy are cemented as Caucasian(ish). I just don’t think they would dilute the character appearances with a pending movie franchise.

    I am not a Booster Gold fan, but he would work well with the existing Legion storyline in the Smallville universe. But is Booster Gold considered a hunk in the DCU? The Hawkman mythos would work well in Smallville. Especially using JSA era Kator/Carter as an older mentor to Clark. Wildcat would work in that same vien, though Ted is known more for his body rather than as a pretty boy.

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