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The all volunteer, not for for profit Midwest Comic Book Association is pleased and proud to announce that the 21st Annual MCBA FallCon Comic Book Celebration will take place on October 10 & 11, 2009 at Minnesota State Fairgrounds in the Grandstand (1265 Snelling Ave N., Saint Paul, Minnesota 55108).

FallCon, the Midwest’s largest comic book celebration, is a unique regional nexus of graphic literature and the widly diverse communities that fuel it, produce it, and and ultimately consume it. Given the fact that the Midwest has a long standing and somewhat unexplicable reputation of producing a disporportionate number of working comic book & graphic literature professionals, including comic book writers, artists, inkers, etc., as well as being a bredder reactor for new and independent talent, it’s no wonder that FallCon has become one of the leading comic book conventions nationwide amongst the creative community, dealers and especially amongst the fans.

“FallCon, a traditional comic book convention with a 21st century bleeding edge, continues to benefit as a result of the regions ever growing home grown comic book creative community, a numerically exploding fan & readership base and ultimately the recent adoption of bleeding edge comic book culture by the much larger mainstream media.” Said Nick Postiglione, Co-Director of the MCBA “Thematically, FallCon presents a relaxed, welcoming, interactive atmosphere where all aspects of the diverse worlds of graphic literature  congregate, network, debate & discuss and acquire all things related exclusively to comic books and the many sub-cultures these worlds constantly generate, spawn and re-invent.”

An ideal event for seasoned comic book conventioneers, as well as first timers, FallCon is all about the fun and experience and provides attendees with the opportunity to personally interface with comic book artists, inkers & writers. This includes working professionals, up and comers, independent & alternative voices, beginners, has beens, never will be’s and all creative points in between.

Of course no comic book convention could be complete without hucksters! FallCon also features a super gynormous comic book marketplace with comic book stores and dealers buying, selling and trading all things comic books. There will be literally tons of comic books (Around 500,000 golden age, silver age, bronze age, current and collectible comic books), trade paperbacks, graphic novels, original comic book art, manga, action figures, statues, Star Wars & Trek, unexplicable trinkets, collectibles and the list goes on to a reasonable approximation of infinity.

Described by one long time attendee as a “graphic literature blender and bake shop” FallCon is the place where graphic arts and the written word are equally recognized and a venue where new and exciting creative alliances will be formed, collectors dreams will be recognized or dashed, new friendships will be forged in the fires of common interests, local charities will be benefited, role playing costume characters will be masters of all they survey, creative types will be inspired and all will be as it should be. Something for everyone and everyone welcome!

  • Event Date’s: October 10 & 11, 2009
  • Location: Minnesota State Fairgrounds – In The Grandstand
  • 1265 Snelling Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55108
  • Event Hours: 10AM to 5PM Both Days!
  • Admission: $11.00 per adult (good for both days). Children 9 & under are FREE! Get $1.00
  • off with a canned food shelf donation. Tickets available at the door.
  • Featured Guest Creator List!
  • Gerry Conway – Co-Creator of the Punisher & The man who killed Gwen Stacy
  • Kevin McGuire – Eisner Award Winning Artist/Writer
  • Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez – Legendary Silver & Bronze Age DC Artist
  • Peter Bagge – Alternative/Independent Creator of Hate & Other Underground Material
  • Amy Hadley – Rising Star. Vertigo & Tokyopop Artist
  • Joe Benitez – Top Cow Cover Artist & Creator of Wraithborn
  • Mark Sparacio – Legendary Comic Cover Painter & Artist
  • Full Creator guest list available at:


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  1. To bad 16+ hours is a little far for me! There are several creators on that list I would like to meet. That guest list is huge!

    Wonder if there is anyway to get their logo on a shirt if you don’t attend? That’s a pretty swift image, I like.

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