This week it was announced that both Ghost Rider and Daredevil would be headed back to the silver screen for sequels to their original features, which many considered a pox on humanity.  There are some very good reasons to do a sequel, and while you may not go and see the followup flicks, we want to know which of the two is going to be the least horrible.


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  1. daredevil, as long as they do it, you know, good. so, exit the crappy director and exit ben affleck.

    and base the story on Bendis work.

  2. I have not seen the director’s cut version of Daredevil, so this may not be a fair comparison, but my boys and I liked Ghost Rider better.

    Either sequel COULD be great…or totally suck. I’m going with my sons’ excitement level and Rodrigo’s review over the last several months of the comic and voting for Ghost Rider 2

  3. I would prefer Daredevil. I think Matt Murdock has better stories to tell than Johnny Blaze. The character’s history and depth would create a better ongoing series.

    I also submit that Daredevil would make an excellent television series. A cross between (a better-written) Smallville and Law & Order.

  4. Knowing that Ben Assfleck wants nothing to do with the sequel makes me happy. However a new film wont deal with what makes Matthew Murdoch interesting. Do the bendis stories or even better do the beggining of Brubakers run with daredevils stint in prison. Oh and if they could have Leyland Owlsley as the creppy villain that would be dandy!

  5. Base Daredevil on either the Bendis or Brubaker, and it has some real potential.

    If they make Ghost Rider based on one of the more dark tales and with 100% less Nic Cage, pointless romances, and pointing… I would enjoy it.

  6. Wait a second Stephen, in your own post: “Another Daredevil movie on the way, too” it says the Daredevil movie was going to be a reboot, which is it a sequel or a reboot? Cuz I might go see a reboot, a sequel thou, no way in Hell.

  7. I don’t have high expectations for either film. Both originals weren’t that good IMO. I think the quest is which will suck less.

  8. Oh come on… It’s a flaming skeleton on a motorbike seeking bloody vengeance! This is cool people! Make it gritty, bloody and gory like those 1980’s horror stuff and you have a winner. The thing about the first movie is everything looked cgi-plastic.
    I know the story sucked but, lets be honest, the comics weren’t really shakespeare anyway. What really sells ghost rider is it’s imagery. I know… I know… story is important but not all movies are the same, or should be the same. Sometimes you need giger-like settings. Sometimes you need dirty back alleys. Sometimes you need beautiful haunting dusty western landscapes. Sometimes you just want to watch an evil dude who is so full of him/herself burn, intestines out and toenails missing, while a skull headed hero laughs.

    p.s. yes I liked punisher 2.

  9. Thanks for making me choose between a pretentious turd and a vomet covered turd, they are both turds but Daredevil is the lesser of two turds.

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