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  1. Does this really have to happen? Is there nothing new out there? How about a new idea that can be remade 20 years from now?

    So when’s the remake of “Dreamscape” coming?

    • I’m betting if someone brings it up at a meeting, they’ll get a brainstorm and it’ll happen. But yeah, I think it had to happen. With how Batman and Star Trek got a reboot, it might make better business sense for movie studios to start creating serious reboots.

      I think studios are just banking on the leaps in technology in order to make effects in these movies look even better. Just thank our robot overlord masters that we’re not seeing a remake of an already classic movie… like say, Ben Hur or Lawrence of Arabia. Oh crap… someone’s gonna read those and think it should be done….

  2. I don’t know, with all those remakes, I got more and more the strange feeling of being in a bad utopian SF movie or novel, like we are now stuck in some kind of illusory loop.

  3. Okay is it just me or does the face look like the marine that got badly burned or the lady who got set on fire by her boyfriend? If so then I truly think they should have done something different with his face.

  4. I can live with the new look makeup of freddie but the voice….
    I don’t know, I guess I’ll watch it to see if, as a whole, the movie will change my opinion or go the BATMAN rout (good film,bad growl-voice-thingie)
    In general though I’m of the opinion that one should wait 10 years after the original actor of any role dies before remaking it, something like that.

  5. Wow…so far I’m even LESS impressed than I thought I would be. At least in the first films, Freddy had a wicked sense of humor, and was a villain we loved to hate. And was it just me, or did a LOT of these scenes look the exact same as in the original? The point of making a new movie should be…oh, I don’t know…TO MAKE A NEW MOVIE!!! Come on, Hollywood! Get with it!

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