DC Comics has released a sneak peek of James Robinson’s JLA #38.  Take the jump for some Despero, Plastic Man, Red Tornado action.

JLA #38
Written by James Robinson; Art and cover by Mark Bagley; Variant cover by Andy Kubert

A new era begins for the World’s Greatest Heroes as superstars James Robinson (STARMAN, SUPERMAN) and Mark Bagley (TRINITY, Ultimate Spider-Man) take over! It all begins as a one-time member of the JLA falls before he can warn the team of looming peril while what’s left of the JLA journeys to the heart of their past to decide if the team has any future at all.

Of course, that means this is the best time for a savage villain from the team’s past to attack the demoralized heroes! The team will have to muster enough will to win not only today, but in the harrowing months to come. It’s the start of a spanking new odyssey for the JLA that will lead in the coming months to a fresh line-up for DC’s flagship team. Get onboard now for the next epic chapter of the Justice League’s legacy!

Justice League of America #38 arrives October 21, 2009

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  1. Does anyone else remember that JLA #38 of the Giffen/de Matteis run also had Despero returning from deep space to exact revenge on the Justice League? He tries to find and kill the members of the Detroit League, but discovers Vibe and Steel are already dead, then goes after Gypsy, fully expecting J’onn to show up to save the day.

    J’onn gets a kickass line at the end of #38 — “There will be no more deaths today, Despero. Except perhaps yours.” People think of Giffen/de Matteis JLI as exclusively bwa-ha-ha, but man, JLA 38-40 was pretty intense stuff, even if it the Mr. Miracle that died in #39 was a robot.

    So yeah, issue #38, Despero, different League lineup, Gypsy as damsel in distress… I wonder if Robinson is deliberately referencing it?

    • You’re totally right. Man, I remember that J’onn line as well as you do – that storyline in fact. I loved that they flipped the switch for that story to show how dead damn serious this situation was for our heros. It added a gravity to the story – and that villain – that has stayed with me for years. Totally with you there, Martin.

      As for the Robinson JLA, I’m kinda worried about it. Starman was such a good book…and it’s all starting to feel like a fluke. I really do like the Superman books these days, but recognize that it’s not the best and it’s all playing out way, way, way too slow. But this ‘Cry For Justice’ bullshit just super duper sucks. How does the company put out that thing…watch it get torn to shreads by its readership…and then hand the guy who couldn’t even write the spinoff right the reigns to damn flagship book?

      WAS Starman’s awesomeness just a fluke? How does a man who did such a great job keeping continuity straight in Starman botch characterizations in ‘Cry for Justice’ so easily? How does the publisher LET him get away with it? And given his track record with the old school characters, why isn’t he doing JSA instead?

      Thoughts anyone?

  2. I’m always happy to see Supes and Bats being destroyed at the beginning of an issue…. Oh, wait, those were just statues? =(

    Well, I guess DC has ruined the suspense of guessing who the fallen hero will be. I wonder if she’s dead or just out of commission?

  3. Can I just call “ENOUGH” on the destroying Red Tornado, please?

    After Brad Meltzer made such a big frickin’ deal about how hard it is to build him a body, it’s disingenuous to blow him up every twelve seconds…

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