Oni Sneak Peek: Salt Water Taffy v3: The Truth About Dr. True



If you are looking for a great series for your kid, niece, or nephew, then you really can’t go wrong with Matt Loux’s Salt Water Taffy series.  The Major Spoilers Crew has reviewed the first two volumes of the series, and this morning, Oni Press sent us a sneak peek of third volume, arriving at the end of September.

Salt Water Taffy v3: The Truth about Dr. True
Writer / Artist: Matthew Loux

Format: Black and White, Digest
Page Count: 96
Price: $5.95
Genre: Comedy / Adventure
Age Rating: Y7 – Readers 7 & Up!
ISBN: 978-1-934964-04-0

Brothers Jack and Benny Putnam have been dragged against their will on a boring, summer-long vacation with their family in Chowder Bay. But what promised to be a very bleak summer has quickly become a series of exciting adventures in one of the most mysterious places on earth!

In this, third volume, Jack and Benny are investigating a 19th century murder, a famed elixir, and an unusual ghost. The boys soon discover that in Chowder Bay not everything is as it appears.

via Oni Press