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  1. I love all three previous “Pirates” movies, so hopefully this will at least be on-par; if it’s a new Director and all that, than they have a HUGE task ahead of them and even bigger expectations…

    …From me, anyway…

  2. I absolutely LOVED all three Pirates movies. They are some of the most fun movies of the last decade. I cannot wait for this new one.

    I also think Disney should have done an animated series based on the films. They have a lot of merchandise done in an animated style, but no cartoon. Seems like a perfect fit for that Disney XD Channel.

    Maybe Marvel could do a Pirates comic now. Hmmm….

  3. I am SUPER excited! But I’m one of the few people who actually thought the Pirates movies got better as they went along.

  4. Hmmm… I liked the first two Pirates films, but the third one was pretty awful. Russle Brand as Jack Sparrow’s Brother? That’s a funny idea.

  5. I liked the first two a lot (neat new approach to what’s always been one of my favorite Disney rides), but the third one felt like it was trying to put too much into it plot-wise and managed to cross over that fine line between “surreal whimsy” & “patience-trying nonsense”. Hopefully this one will be a return to form for the series.

    That said, where’s that Jungle Cruise movie we were supposed to be getting this year? Did they cancel it?

  6. Third one sucked horribly…and I don’t really care about the franchise anymore. But, the first too were incredibly great back then.

  7. @James Mares: It is probably based off that book. If memory serves correct, that book had a strong plot that dealt with the Fountain of Youth, which was also preluded too at the end of the Pirates 3.

  8. There are some films that should have NEVER, EVER had sequels (Hello Matrix and Underworld trilogies) and Pirates is right there with them. I loved part 1, 3 was just okay, and the 2nd one was a complete mess and they are all way too damn long! As for the title “On Stranger Tides”….really?…..meh!

  9. Well, I thought the first one was a bit too long, didn’t enjoy the second, and was out of the cinema half-way through the third.

    I think it’s safe to say I’m not excited about #4

  10. I enjoyed the first one. It had a great setup and the actors did their parts well. Same as with the 2nd one, everything was raised a couple notches in the epic feel for the adventure. As for the 3rd movie, it kind of fell into the category of how alot of 3rd movies just fall short of even how great the first one of the series was. Hopefully with a 4th movie, the feel will be renewed if they change up the formula a bit. I do think that the subtitle is a bit …strange… ba-dum-shhh!

  11. The first one was great…..part 2 and 3 mediocre (shame on the writers for destroying all the charisma Tia Dalma had, before the Calypsorevelation)…perhaps that one (no Orlando *yeah*) will be better

    • It’s supposed to be a prequel of how Jack Sparrow and Barbosa first started before they had their little hissy fit. Would be nice if there was a spin-off movie on it’s own of how Calypso betrayed Davy Jones.

  12. Chris Jarocha-Ernst on

    Oh. My. God. A Tim Powers book is getting adapted into a movie? Even if they are shoehorning the Pirates universe into it, that’s still awesome.

    Anyway, I hope that’s what the two similar titles means. I recommend the novel “On Stranger Tides” to anyone who likes pirate stories in general and voodoo pirate stories in particular. And I *really* recommend Powers’s “The Anubis Gates” to those who like time travel and/or magic and/or Dickensian London.

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