While you were busy looking at Tom Welling’s version of the Superman costume, we stumbled upon this image, of what might be a new design for the Stephanie Brown Batgirl costume.  Many have already remarked that Stephanie continuing to wear the Cassandra Cain costume doesn’t feel right, so perhaps this Lee Garbett design will work.  It does combine the Spoiler/Batgirl costume nicely.

And if that doesn’t fit with your world view, take the jump to see what DC posted on its blog this morning..

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  1. Big Money B.G. on

    Did she join The Ultimates? Because that’s all I can think of now when I see those odd, ribbed segments in a costume like the ones going down her sides.

    Other than that, it looks pretty much just like Batgirl’s costume, minus all the colors besides black and yellow. It’s nice and subtle.

  2. It is swell. Glad to see the change. The all black grim and gritty motif has gone on for too long. We need a Bat Family that can live up to the fashion expectations of Bunny Wigglesworth.

  3. Man, the top photo is creepy – makes it look like she lost her legs below the knee!

    I like it but it doesn’t really seem like much of a change. Remove the purple piping and it looks like a lot of other Batgirl costumes. Still, it could be worse, so that’s a blessing.

  4. When is DC going to have an 800 or a 900 number to call and vote to keep her or get rid of her. DC really messed up with this one. Maybe they will kill her and then she will be a black lantern. She would be so much more interesting that way instead of the cry baby that she is. Come on DC let us decide. Bring her back in ten years out of the grave like Jason.

  5. I agree with everyone who says it’s a good redesign except for the garter-belt pouches – maybe if they were a different, less contrasting color, they’d be less of a sour note. But, hey, it’s the first time in years Batgirl’s been allowed to have a face!

  6. I’m not a fan of the new Batgirl at all. This new outfit just completes it. It has aspects of Barb (the cowl), Cass (the ninja esque pouches and lines) and Huntress (the purple and leg pouches).

    Definately going to pray for a fast death.

  7. Hmmm, should the hair be pulled back? I don’t see how its any more of a distraction/hinderence than the cape. Its a visually striking design and while the utility garter seems out of place I find it to be somewhat charming.
    If we were going to go for a more realistic approach here, then I would say cut the hair and keep it tucked, ditch the cape and find a tighter belt. Also, ditch any visible skin and all color schemes. Pretty much the best thing for her to do would be to wear a form fitting matte black armor with night vision goggles. After all, fast as she may be, she can’t dodge bullets and any color seen is going to present a target. Better yet, perhaps she should just stay out of the way and call the police to come in and deal with it.

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