Tea parties! Art projects! Jump ropes and lollipops are all part of the deliciously delightful 19th issue of Tiny Titans, “Deep in Like”!

First I would like to apologize for not writing a review on Tiny Titans #18. My comic store got the shipment late and it arrived with issue #19, almost a month after its original release date. I feel that it’s far too late to write a review on the issue so I will go ahead with #19.

In our first story “Imagine Me and You”, we find Bumblebee flying solo by the playground on a dark rainy day. The little cutie is looking lonely and depressed when she crosses paths with Plasmus. The unlikely pair hit it off and embark on a magical play date filled with bike rides, ice cream, baseball games and ball pits! Bad weather can’t stop these two from having fun; it’s all sunshine and roses and although they are very different, sometimes opposites attract!

Monsieur Mallah is also going for a stroll on this gloomy day when he comes across his partner, the Brain. The two glare at one another as Plasmus and Bumblebee happily skip by, leaving a trail of butterflies and rainbows behind them.  The beautiful scenery melts Mallah’s and Brain’s hearts (assuming Brain has a heart) and the two get past their differences and make up. Bumblebee and Plasmus have clearly spread the love and made the world a better place!

Robin has just completed the cover for his flower report in “Like Triangle” and is showing his portrait to Ace when Starfire flies up. The princess is captivated by the beauty of the drawing and assumes it’s for her. She thanks Robin before flying off with it and its back to the drawing board for the Boy Wonder. His second drawing catches the eye of Batgirl and Robin hands it over to the love struck titan. Things really go downhill for him when Duela Dent thinks the actual book report is a gift for her and happily takes it as she blows a kiss to Dick. Robin contemplates writing a report on bugs instead which catches the attention of The Ant. It seems like poor Robin just can’t catch a break.

In our third story “Dates”, Plasmus stops by the treehouse to pick up BumbleBee much to the surprise of Starfire and the Wonder Girls (Donna and Cassie). The couple are headed to the movies to see “Monster Mash” but upon entering, movie goers run out in terror of Plasmus’ appearance. This doesn’t surprise him however and he explains to Bumblebee that he faces that reaction daily. The remainder of the audience sramble out of the theater because of a “Giant Gorilla” and the couple take notice of Monsieur Mallah and Brain sitting a few seats away. Mallah explains that he too recives that same reaction in public.

In “Intermission” Bumblebee and Plasmus order enough junk food from the lobby to last a lifetime and “Jump rope” finds Donna Troy and Cassie getting their magic lasso’s tangeled together. “New Recruits” follows the struggle to find more members for the Titans Apes Club and finally, the Kroc Files present “How to Eat a Lollipop”. There’s the Alfred Pennyworth way, the Kroc way and the Plasmus way!

As always, issue 19 of the Tiny Titans is a charming read. “Imagine Me and You” sends the message that although we may be different, we can still get along and live in harmony. Even the most unlikely pair can become friends and no matter how gloomy the world gets, you can still find happiness in that special someone.

“Like Triangle” is a story I think everyone can relate to. We’ve all had those awkward moments where someone misinterpits our actions and we’re left in an embarrassing, often frustrating situation.“Dates”, “Intermission” and “New Recruits” are pure fun but my favorites were “Jump rope” and “How to Enjoy a Lollipop”. As always the artwork is nothing short of adorable and this series is perfect for parents to share with their children.

I give Tiny Titans #19, “Deep in Like” 4 out of 5 stars.



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  1. I have a friend whose 8 year old daughter loves this series. I am glad to see it has some good messages along with the cuteness.

    Is Raven in this series? She’s the poster child for the message “The kind of person you turn out to be is us to you.”

    Thanks for the review, Victoria.

  2. Navarre;

    Yeah … Raven is in it. A few issues back she was on the cover.

    I’m 28 years old … and i love this comic. It’s light hearted goodness that doesn’t leave you with cavities for being so damn sweet. It’s the perfect ammount of innocent and it never gets to corny.

  3. That’s so sweet to hear Stacy and I agree this is a great way to expose the younger generation to our beloved DC characters!

    Raven has been in this series, Navarre and she is always quite hilarious. She doesn’t appear in this issue, however.

    Thank you for the comments! :)

  4. My daughter has really liked the couple of issues I picked up. She likes the Teen Titans show on Cartoon Network, and so has a passing familiarity with the characters which helps her get into the comics. I enjoy it quite a bit myself :)

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