Deadman has always been one of those characters that could be incredibly fantastic or tediously boring.  I don’t think DC has found the perfect balance yet (although Wednesday Comics is doing a bang up job).  Perhaps with the news that Guillermo del Toro is producing a Deadman movie will bring spark to the character and cause a positive reaction from fans and the rest of the world, who know nothing about the character.

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  1. THis could be an interesting movie. del Toro has some suitably bizarre visual styles, and that could fit in well with an afterlife type side of the movie.

    As long as it doesn’t go the way of GHOST, which was at its roots, your basic Deadman story.

    Wonder if we are going to be seeing a Showcase Presents: Deadman collection in anticipation?

  2. lifeisaglitch life on

    Guillermo’s attachment to Deadman isn’t exactly news…it is in fact 3 years old…i shit you not. The reason its being brought up again is that his exact role has now been determined (producing) fun fact is that “the news” is actually a bi-product of another arguably more important announcement that is has actually overshadowed.

    The real “news” (well its newer for one thing) is that the movie actually has a director now, Nikolaj Arcel…Danish dude google him.

  3. lifeisaglitch life on

    But…but..but Director… Come on this is starting to sound like the whole District 9 Peter Jackson ordeal again! Yes hes producing, very cool. But theres an actual director…

    • I googled Nikolaj Arcel and could only find 4 films he has directed, one of which is in pre-production. Never heard of a single one of them, which is understandable because I don’t get to see much modern current forigne stuff. One is about a composer turned p0rn star, another is a politcal soy thriller, and the third is about a 14 year old girl fighting ghost/demons wanting to take over a town. The one in production is about a young queen who has an affair with a physician behind her insane husband’s, the king, back.

      I think his involment would be herelded more if he had done something the average movie goer had seen in the states. As it is, del Toro is the name attached to this film that audiences here recognize. I’m sure he is a good director, as is evident by his nomitation and awards, but I just have never heard of him. ;-)

  4. lifeisaglitch life on

    Dude im from Denmark and i havent even seen any of his movies :D

    My point wasnt that we should instead be talking about how the movie might be under his(Arcels) direction (Who knows) I was just pointing out that this isnt news. The movie with Del Toro onboard was announced 3 frkn years ago.
    The reason it is being talked about again is that they found an actual director this time around.
    If they hadnt we might as well not do to much speculation considering that Del Toro is is “supposed” to do (produce, write, direct) a lot of movies..Pinnochio, Hyde, Frankenstein, just to name a few. But this is now pretty much confirmed, i just find the way its being re-announced with him onboard funny…
    Producer isnt very “confirming” (especially the 2nd time around) Director on the other hand…

    In short the points i wanted to get across were: This one will in fact happen sooner rather than later… The Hobbit anyone? So yay for that.

    And secondly it looks like this will be some light producing so dont get ya hopes up “Pan fans”. Boooo…

    But this also opens up a much more uncertain and exciting future for Deadman to discuss and speculate upon(style wise), so YAY..?

    And finally I AM A HUUUGE Del Toro fan but i still think this project is more interesting on the merit of it being a DC property rather than a GDT project.

    Green Lantern, Lobo, Suicide Squad and now Deadman… We might actually be seeing DC trying to cath up with Marvel on the movie front (FINALLY!)

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