Ten Things You Didn’t Know About the Disney/Marvel Deal


As word rocks the Intardwebz about Disney buying Marvel in a four billion dollar deal, we at Major Spoilers already see the best parts of the merger starting to form.  Take the jump for our look at ten things you didn’t know about this new deal.

10.  Well, you finally get that Namor/Little Mermaid team-up you’ve all been wishing for

9.  The House of Mousey Ideas

8.  The Main Street Electrical Parade can now use the Shocker to power the show, causing the company electric bill to go way down.

7.  Robbie Benson and Kelsey Grammer reprise their roles as Disney’s Beast and X-Men’s Beast as they team up for a series of On the Road comedy pictures to be released under the new Disney/Marvel movie banner

6.  Iceman will be joining the Mighty Ducks as a mid-season replacement

5.  Stan Lee will now claim to have invented Mickey Mouse, too

4.  Goofy retconned into being Weapon X reject

3.  Darkwing Duck joins the Avengers

2.  All future PIXAR movies to include Wolverine appearance to further boost ticket sales

1.  Dark Reign: Magic Kingdom

Believe it or not, the deal between Marvel and Disney is a great thing.  It strengthens the comic book publisher, and with the might of Disney behind them, it can only mean good things for comic book reading in general.  We offer this humorous look at the merger to lighten the tense feelings you have right now.